Can't touch the stars in Changsha? In fact, you didn't go to the restaurant!

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Can't touch the stars in Changsha? In fact, you didn't go to the restaurant!

2016-07-21 01:07:56 753 ℃

Changsha also known as "Star City", relying on the Hunan radio and television resources, let the big star studded Changsha.

If you are still at the airport and one day pick up, if you still squeeze signings rob concert tickets, if you are still crowded outside the red carpet show up, only to catch a glimpse of their idols. I'm sorry, you have the above move in Changsha, the small series can only say that you are too out! Because as long as you go to the restaurant to eat, you will be able to meet with idols, no longer crowded, easy so!

Here is a small series for you to take stock of the most popular Changsha Star Restaurant let you enjoy the food side of the star to chase!

Guest produced

Key words: Xiangxi barbecue I was a singer

"I am a singer" yellow to the column

"Disguise" Wang Wang Ou, who plays the role of

Daddy where to go to the village chief Li Rui

National mother-in-law Keri

It is said that this is located in the street next to the Xiangxi barbecue shop, from time to time the presence of a star. Noble elegant "Wang Manchun", vest line queen yuan Shanshan, and national mother-in-law Kelly and other stars are here, Hunan TV host, like Rui village is the store's regulars.

Address: Lotus District People's Road West Road are all street fragrance Pavilion (all right Street)

Per capita: 79

Old Changsha Lobster Restaurant

Key words: shrimp twelve peaks flavor

Goddess Gao Yuanyuan

Here's Nicholas Tse ice bucket challenge

Zhang Xinyu holds the shrimp tail in his hand.

"This lobster restaurant has a variety of rich variety, in addition to lobster and a small dish and a barbecue. A price is divided into 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 30 yuan three, common food bowl.

And it is said that "old Changsha" one of the partners and Hunan Satellite TV friendship bandit shallow, he Jiong, WangHan, Li Xiang, Xie Na, variety coffee naturally become a restaurant first dial diners.

Address: No. 226 West Road, No.

Per capita: 104

Thai coconut

Key words: Thai food happy family

In their own shop shoot propaganda

Micro-blog often becomes new dishes.

Before she also in micro Bo posted a happy family photo in Thai coconut restaurant, attracted the attention of a lot of fans, many fans say past attempts to some kind of, hope to meet their idol in the restaurant.

Address: No. 300 Liuyang River (near the coffee)

Per capita: 82

Sea to eat the sea to drink Buffet Restaurant

Key words: Du Haitao Buffet

With the Olympic champion He Wenna

A human figure standing at the entrance of the restaurant

Dining with any teacher

Wu Xin opened a restaurant, in the "happy camp" good partner Du Haitao is not a sign of weakness, also announced he would open a theme restaurant, also in micro Bo public restaurant name, heroism and said to tube "for a lifetime of delicious good drink". Qian Feng also in micro Bo in tease him that restaurant name should be called: "call the Tao hyperphagic theme buffet, a gluttonous feast of meaning".

Address: 4 / F, southwest side of Changsha Huang Xing Road Pedestrian Mall

Per capita: 64

The natural instincts of man is also the star with ordinary people that love at the end of the street kebab shop also love western style on the level of the restaurant. These restaurants are also the stars often go to patronize it!

Happy Restaurant

This shop is not passed by, but near the radio make it has a natural geographical advantage! Many radio and television staff will come here to eat, maybe lucky to hit a star!

Address: Furong district, No. 61 Xianghu Road, Jolly Hotel in lane 300 meters (Road)

Per capita: 82

Barbecue House 

Is a sitting of the Lake restaurant, environment inside the grill is considered to force the grid, think of the combination of Lake breeze + BBQ beer, feel comfortable, you might like the star will come here to eat barbecue Oh!

Address: No. 188 road Hongshan Lake Park East gate shop No. 7 (Changsha University)

Per capita: 54

Wings of coffee green

The store is said to be he Jiong investment teacher restaurant, is a set of coffee, fruit drinks and dessert refreshments, creative Chinese and Western food, urban living room for one of the new restaurant. Hunan TV host and staff also love to eat here, come here to eat, maybe you will be able to meet the star oh!

Address: 1 / F, / F, No. 603 / F, No. / F, No.

Per capita: 64

57 degrees C

Yang Lele is also said to join investment, young people prefer to go to a restaurant. More interesting is that it can in the time of have a meal to enjoy chef speculator unique cooking show, once launched immediately by the warm welcome from Changsha and foreign consumers. The level of dishes is also a moderate, it is worth a go!

Address: Kaifu District Station Road, BBK supermarket 3 floor (near palace garden)

Per capita: 96