After the marriage, Zhang Xinyu wears a cheongsam to wear a feminine, netizen: not the same new era army!

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After the marriage, Zhang Xinyu wears a cheongsam to wear a feminine, netizen: not the same new era army!

2018-09-14 20:25:01 147 ℃

Zhang Xinyu, who is married, wears cheongsam and is full of femininity. Netizen: Different new era army!


Recently, Zhang Xinyu participated in the recording of TV programs. At the scene, she appeared in a cheongsam dress, charming and feminine, full of femininity, stunning audience. It is reported that Zhang Xinyu will challenge the corner of Gu Manyu in "Half-Life" in the program. This is also the TV debut of Zhang Xinyu and He Jie after their marriage on August 27.

Previously commented on Zhang Xinyu It’s generally beautiful, or compares her with the old rivals, but since she married He Jie, it’s obvious that everything has changed. One hasn’t had any news for more than 100 days, and the other has It is an infinite scenery. Seeing such a scene, I believe that the most lost thing in my heart is the big black cow that sent the stone. This may be the cruelest side of the entertainment industry. It also shows that in the ten years of Hedong, he did not know what he would be tomorrow.

The present Zhang Xin is estimated to get The basics are praises. This is not to say that she has changed herself, but because her title has the word "military" in front of her title. It is because she married the most lovely person in the world, so she becomes The cutest person. This is actually quite realistic. It may be that this situation has been seen. Some netizens have begun to praise Zhang Xinyu, saying that the military is beautiful, and that the military is good. In fact, Laohai feels that Zhang Xinyu at this time should actually slowly move away from the entertainment circle.

The reason for this is also Based on some of the past perceptions of the entertainment industry, the water here is a bit awkward. If Zhang Xinyu continues to walk in this circle, it will inevitably lead to something bad. Not afraid of 10,000, I am afraid that if there is such a day, wouldn’t it be smeared to the face of the most trusting and most lovable person? Of course, if you say that you can't do it, you can't do it. Don't concentrate on acting. Don't show it from time to time. The low-key is the best choice. When you marry each other, I believe you have the ability to withstand it. Preparation for loneliness.

I believe many people are more I am looking forward to seeing this soldier in the film and television works. After all, I believe that she will slowly integrate into her life as time goes by. Is the image of sexy, flattering and the like still suitable for her? Perhaps Zhang Xinyu at this moment should pay more attention to her own image than other female stars. After all, you are a military!