Huang Duoduo wears a super exaggerated earring, netizen: like 30 years old

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Huang Duoduo wears a super exaggerated earring, netizen: like 30 years old

2018-09-14 20:25:06 159 ℃

Sun Li’s parenting journal is so beautiful. The main thing is that the daughters are all beautiful. Just taking a shot is like seeing the child who was once the peak of his father. The temperament of the literary beauty man is still inherited.

Recently, Sun Li has taken photos of her eldest daughter. Being a mother and daughter is such happiness, and it is stinky, like a girlfriend.

There are a lot of golden earrings that have attracted the attention of netizens. They have been accused. It’s only 12 years old. Will this kind of earrings be too much? mature?

Ha? All 8012, are these netizens coming through? The 12-year-old girl loves beauty and knows how fashion will dress up, and this shouldn’t be the advantage. Who said that when I was 12 years old, I could only learn to wear Tula, and I was 12 years old!

Hey, it’s true that I’m wearing a Tula, and I’ve been criticized a lot.

Speaking of it, Huang Duoduo had ear piercing very early, it was already in 2015, when Huang was 9 years old, primary school students. Sun Li also took photos. It seems that the ear piercing makes Huang more and more guilty.

This is the price of beauty, hahahaha. After

, Huang’s ears became enchanting. All kinds of earrings have been worn. I really want to see a lot of yellow jewelry collection earrings jewelry box, is there already a few large boxes.

One time Huang spent more than one Only four-leaf clover studs, very nice.

The result was the price of the netizen, scared the urine, and asked for more than 30,000 yuan.

Huang Lei has always been a rich daughter. But cultivating is not simply an economic investment. Seeing Huang more than a few years ago, "Daddy" knows that this girl has a sense of love, a sense of responsibility, and knowledge. These are all brought about by spiritual richness.

Huang Duoduo once stunned the whole network with the skills of writing scripts in English. The temperament, cultivation, and so on, which are transformed from this skill training, are all "rich".

Including her beauty, the pursuit of beauty is also rich. In addition to earrings, Huang was accused of precociousness most of the time. Such as wearing a lace collar.

A lipstick.

Wear a ring, someone asked if Huang is more or not married...

Wearing a ring is equal to getting married. Is the way of thinking only straight?

Even wearing a navel dress is also criticized like a little girl.

Not only a lot of yellow, her sister also began to have a tendency to develop towards her sister. In the sunshine of Sun Li, my younger sister is a young man, and there is a lot of "wearing gold and silver". Hahahaha is not very cute. And the mix and match is like this, and it’s the sister’s own work.

Hahahaha Now the sisters’ way of gathering in kindergarten is nailing!

A lot of male stars are controlled by their daughters. They are asked about their daughter's love. Every performance seems to be like their life, and they can't face it. The most extreme is Wu Zun, who once printed the ten rules of chasing neinei on his T-shirt. At that time, Neinei was only a few years old.

Wu Zun has imagined this future son-in-law as an imaginary enemy. Everyone said, God, this father is so sweet and sweet.

Does this kind of father's thinking that "my daughter is taking my daughter"? Very scary? If you change to a mother, you are afraid to be aunt, aunt.

I think Huang Lei is the real enlightened father. Generously, it is normal for Huang Duoduo if 15 loves.

Yes, who is not opening at the age of fifteen or six? This age-understood feeling is very precious. And love is also an important subject that affects life. The more repressed it may be counterproductive.