Zhao Wei doesn't mind eating the pancakes that Huang Xiaoming has bitten, but Huang Xiaoming has five words but more people.

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Zhao Wei doesn't mind eating the pancakes that Huang Xiaoming has bitten, but Huang Xiaoming has five words but more people.

2018-09-15 20:25:17 354 ℃

The friendship between Huang Xiaoming and Zhao Wei has been traced back to a long time! Two of them were classmates and friends from college. After entering the entertainment circle, they also cooperated with the movie "Running Hollywood" and the first season of the variety show "Chinese Restaurant", so the friendship can be said to be quite solid. Zhao Wei and Huang Xiaoming's friendship, but deeper than Su Youpeng.

So in the latest issue of "Chinese Restaurant 2", Huang Xiaoming participated in the program as a flight guest and also made many netizens look forward to it. . In fact, I am looking forward to more surprises. Zhao Wei, when you see Huang Xiaoming dragging the box to the Chinese restaurant in Colmar, Zhao Wei first saw that he was happy to open the flowers. The kind of like is super super sincere, Zhao Wei Even saying that you are coming is really good!

This time to the section As a guest, Huang Xiaoming also made preparations for a long time. Not only did he bring a massage artifact to everyone, but also a half-box of Shandong finished pancakes. When Huang Xiaoming opened the box, I believe that many people in Shandong will feel cordial.

When Huang Xiaoming took so many pancakes, Zhao Wei would have been promoting Chinese specialty snacks in Chinese restaurants the next day. Chinese food, more decided to let Huang Xiaoming do a Shandong pancake roll green onion, although this is Huang Xiaoming himself strongly recommended. . .

According to the habit of Chinese restaurant, it is a dish to try first. If you eat delicious food, you can go to the menu, so Huang Xiaoming It is also a serious research practice. In the beginning, he just made the simplest and most original version of the burritos, and rolled them directly with the green onions and the sweet noodles.

Huang Xiaoming thinks that the simple version is delicious, and tries to convince Zhao Wei, and wants Zhao Wei to try it, but this It’s not realistic to do it again because I want to taste it, so Huang Xiaoming can only let Zhao Wei try this pancake that I have eaten.

At this time, who pays attention to the five words that Huang Xiaoming said: You eat the second half! He reminded Zhao Wei to eat the other side of the pancake that he had not bitten, instead of letting Zhao Wei eat the place she had bitten. However, who is Zhao Wei, she was originally a straightforward and straightforward personality. Of course, she would not care about these details. She directly ate the side that Huang Xiaoming had bitten and ate it.

The reason why Zhao Wei did not disregard Huang Xiaoming’s bitten pancakes was because she regarded Huang Xiaoming as a friend of her family. Naturally, I don't care about these habits. However, Huang Xiaoming is different. Although he is very close to Zhao Wei, he is a very delicate and careful person.

Huang Xiaoming will take into account the different living habits between people, and will also pay attention to the differences in some health habits, so let me explain in advance that Zhao Wei should not eat the place she has bitten. I can only say that Huang Xiaoming is really warm, not a super warm man, really very good character.

And Huang Xiaoming’s gentleman and thoughtfulness are not just for friends and strangers. He is helping the waiter in the restaurant, taking care of every guest with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness, especially for the guests with children. You see this pair of couples with children, Huang Xiaoming did not enter the door to welcome to help, Huang Xiaoming could not help but lift the baby carriage when the guests left, and sent out far.

These details prove that Huang Xiaoming’s cultivation is really good and good. It’s no wonder that his popularity in the entertainment industry is very good, and you like Huang Xiaoming like this?