Yang Mi played Hua Chenyu clothes belt to get around, netizen: This behavior is too much relatives

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Yang Mi played Hua Chenyu clothes belt to get around, netizen: This behavior is too much relatives

2018-09-15 20:25:22 147 ℃

The Son of Tomorrow 2 has come to an end, but the discussion of the people who eat it is still the same, and a detail in the program has sparked heated discussion among the people.

In the recording of the program, Yang Mi played Huachenyu clothes belt to attract everyone’s onlookers. On the same day, Huachenyu wore white design clothes and clothes. The band let Yang Mi love to put it on the side, while listening to the players singing and playing, because the two are sitting, many fans said "worry when Hua Chenyu stood up, Yang Mi took his belt down", this for Yang Mi The netizens have been talking about it, and they are so busy.

Some netizens think that Yang Mi’s behavior is somewhat disrespectful of the players, and the players try their best to show their talents to get the chance to advance, but the mentor But I didn't listen carefully, and I started to play with the belt on the stage and I didn't respect the audience and the stage. Some people who eat melons think that this behavior of Yang Mi is somewhat inappropriate. They said that Yang Mi is also a family person after all. Playing the clothes belt of Hua Chenyu in public is a bit too close.

There are also people who eat melons to express Yang Mi’s practice to reveal her cute character. Some netizens said that they often play their own hats at the same table. This behavior only shows the good relationship between Yang Mi and Hua Chenyu, and the interaction between the two people is very appreciative of each other. They said that there is nothing to play with.

The audience said that Yang Mi was playing at the beginning, and later Hua Chenyu also started playing together, confirming the eyes, two people who did not grow up are right. It is. What do you think about this Yang Mi play Huachenyu clothes belt?