Huo Jianhua was dissatisfied by the agent diss, suspected of splitting up because of Lin Xinru

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Huo Jianhua was dissatisfied by the agent diss, suspected of splitting up because of Lin Xinru

2018-09-15 20:25:27 234 ℃

Huo Jianhua is a well-known Buddhist actor in the circle. Huo Jianhua does not have a social microblog. This is everyone's knowledge. The only channel he can communicate with is his studio Weibo, and every "Hua said" body. As soon as it appears, fans will be ecstatic. Recently, Huo Jianhua’s “Huajie Studio” has gone wrong.

Huo Jianhua's "Rugao Biography" is being broadcasted. It is said that Huo Jianhua's studio propaganda should be non-stop, but Huo Jianhua's studio is surprisingly low-key, audience. It can be understood that this is Huo Jianhua's consistently low-key, which is very common with Huo Jianhua's old cadres. Even if he is not as good as Nie Yuan, the performance of Huo Jianhua has already performed the emotional experience of Qianlong in different periods. big.

On September 12, Huo Jianhua Studio suddenly announced the closure of Studio Weibo and the synchronized Facebook account, which made fans like Huo Jianhua even more uncomfortable. Where did Huo Jianhua, who was originally low-key, see his information in the future? I did not expect to close the studio Weibo and the post, Huo Jianhua studio microblogging after the microblogging move also makes people feel inexplicable.

On the evening of September 14, netizens found that Huo Jianhua’s studio suddenly changed his head, but a stain was ridiculous, which hinted at who is shameless. ? Huo Jianhua's Weibo has always been managed by Huo Jianhua's agent, Lian Junjie. Even Junjie's move is quite ridiculous. What is even more strange is that even Junjie's personal Weibo has also been emptied. Netizens have speculated whether Huo Jianhua was instructed, but he was busy shooting recently. Huo Jianhua of the TV series "Master" has no time to take care of Weibo, and all the agents are secretly operating.

Huo Jianhua agent Lian Junjie is Huo Jianhua High school classmates, Huo Jianhua made him a broker, and even the wedding did not ask the star to let him be the best man. The name of the studio Weibo is the short name of the two. It is enough to see that Huo Jianhua is still very deep in the friendship of this old classmate. Suddenly, even Junjie secretly manipulated Huo Jianhua’s Weibo and also sneered at Huo Jianhua’s shamelessness. What conflicts exist between the two?

Users broke the news Huo Jianhua Lin Xinru before marriage, Huo Jianhua resources are very good, just after the marriage because Lin Xinru Huo Jianhua's reputation is getting worse, last year because of Zhou Jie The incident Lin Xinru was banned for a period of time. Similarly, Huo Jianhua’s life-care resources were reduced due to his wife’s care, and the word-of-mouth was also taken worse. The whole person was going downhill. Now, with the performance of “Rugao Biography”, Huo Jianhua is really not as good as before, so the broker People feel that the benefits are not good enough to cross the river to break the bridge?

It is also said that Lin Xinru has a personal studio, and there are not many artists under her. Huo Jianhua intends to work with Lin Xinru’s husband and wife, then Huo Jianhua Junjie’s affiliation will naturally be lifted, and this will explain Lian Junjie’s actions.

In fact, from the attitude of Huo Jianhua not opening a personal microblog, he is very low-key, but I did not expect it to be pushed on the studio microblog. The cusp of the cusp, the agent's move is unpredictable, in the end, because Huo Jianhua raised a white-eyed wolf? What do you think of this melon friend?