Wang Xiaofei’s photo of her daughter, Xiao’s child’s clothes are too playful.

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Wang Xiaofei’s photo of her daughter, Xiao’s child’s clothes are too playful.

2018-09-18 20:25:10 165 ℃

Last night, Wang Xiaofei sent a daughter's back on Weibo. Correspondence: "Suddenly, my little girl became a big girl, and my father hasn't held enough." It can be seen that the photo was taken when Daxiaoer moved, and his father Wang Xiaofei took it. The little nephew was tied with a ponytail, wearing a blue star gauze dress, and looked taller.

As everyone knows, Wang Xiaofei is a "sister slave". Since her daughter was born in 2014, Wang Xiaofei has become a "sun madness", and she has been photographing her daughter on Weibo, even after her son was born. Once Wang Xiaofei also told netizens on Weibo that he was more aggressive than his daughter when he preferred his daughter: "The son is to become a person who is meaningful to the country and society, and the daughter is my person." A spot.

It’s no wonder that when he sighed, his daughter became a big girl. The former little nephew was still a cute little meat ball. It’s all so long now.

However, the funny thing is that this daughter’s back photo actually beat Wang Xiaofei’s face. What happened?

Small S broke the news that after each time she took her daughter to her sister's house, Wang Xiaofei would say to Big S: "Our daughter must be fashionable in the future." It means that the daughter of Little S doesn't look good.

Small S also imitates the attitude of Wang Xiaofei: When the niece is at home, Wang Xiaofei watches the phone while watching them, as if to say: Also wear this.

When Wang Xiaofei was a guest, "Kangxi came", Xiao S also deliberately verified whether Wang Xiaofei’s evaluation really existed. Wang Xiaofei is embarrassed to say that children are comfortable to wear. However, he also mentioned that the daughter will never wear a costume in the future.

This is caught by netizens. Everyone commented: Do you still say that your daughter will never wear a costume?

What is the dress that is not worn by the daughter now? Hahahaha, after all, what the daughter likes, I just have to.

Sm must be sneered in the heart: Who said that my daughter is not dressed properly?