Liu Yan talks about her former boyfriend tears, netizen: this face is so scary

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Liu Yan talks about her former boyfriend tears, netizen: this face is so scary

2018-09-19 20:25:03 429 ℃

Cai Kangyong’s first program is “Mysound,” and the latest guest is Liu Yan. Liu Yan is very close to the needs of the program, and she is outspoken on the show and talks to her ex-boyfriend.

The first time I met after breaking up with my ex-boyfriend, it was at my father’s memorial service. This paragraph is very poked. "He bypassed Dad's body and walked up to me. He didn't know whether to hold it or not. I saw his entanglement and took hold of him."

And this ex-boyfriend is very intimate, Liu Yan did not inform his father of the news of his death, it is his own knowledge through the circle of friends, take the initiative to visit.

When I mentioned this, I don’t know if I remembered my father or ex-boyfriend. Liu Yan was very sad. Really distressed Liu Yan, but I am sorry, this face is really eye-catching, or inevitably skipping the story is deeply attracted by her face.

I just want to ask, how many people recognize that this is Liu Yan? ? ?

The promotional photos released by the Mingming program group are not so collapsed. Once again lament the power of PS!

Even if the PS is beautiful, Liu Yan is not the same as Liu Yan in the impression. Liu Yan is also very straight, and the face of the face is never hidden. I have long admitted to playing thin-faced needles.

However, looking at the entire history of changing faces, looking at it is not a problem like a thin face.

This is not the first time that Liu Yan has collapsed on the show. As early as 2016, she recorded "Ace vs. Ace", eyes and noses and so on looked very strange, not to the point where the subtitles could not be recognized.

The focus is on the face, it’s too stiff to make an expression, so it’s a little scary to laugh. I always feel sore and painful, and my face is sore.

So these stars have an injection and they can’t spend the recovery period and come out to work. ! It’s really scary to have no friends or family around me to remind them!

It was the promotion period of Liuyan movie, so "Twenty-four hours" also went It is. The boastful lying silkworm, the exaggerated mountain roots, the exaggerated chin, the exaggerated double eyelids... This is simply a wounded worker, very dedicated.

All said that the plastic surgery is a bottomless pit, with a reason to derail, with the first time there will be Many times. Eventually it caused the face to collapse, collapsed and went to the whole, and it was a cycle of death. Liu Yan now seems to have fallen into this infinite loop.

I remember that last year she went to "The Birth of an Actor" and interpreted her treasurer. The style of the female boss is quite close to her image. She is also very good at this type, and the performance is quite good, quite cute.

After playing "The Temptation to Go Home", Ellie, the strong fox is also suitable for her. Didn't feel more colorful, but she was a host, and she has not received training in the class. It is rare.

The program did not feel that Liu Yan’s face had a problem. But this year, the trend of face collapse is becoming more and more obvious. Not long ago, I taught girls to wear invisible underwear on the little red book. In front of the camera, her face... is not just a problem.

Is this a Liu Yan letter?

The tourist photos she slid on Weibo were not quite right. Such a standard and delicate goose egg face, except for straight men, is afraid that everyone can see the artificial traces.

There is probably no recognition of this Liuyan throwing net red heap...

In this bikini, I can’t recognize it.

Let's talk about Liu Yan's ex-boyfriend. Although Liu Yan took the route of sexy heart, but think about it, in the entertainment circle, her scandal is almost no. Behind the sexy, it is her many inspirational stories - changing faces, is also a kind of inspiration for a star who has no background, the original is not so good, and climbed up from the little host.

This ex-boyfriend who made her cry and scream, if it is timeline, should be the rich second generation who accompanied her to South Korea last year.

After being photographed, she On the show, I said that I broke up last year. It is equal to the year that was taken. The reason for the breakup was that Liu Yan was forced to force, because the two people talked and laughed the day before, and they received a call the next day, and the boyfriend would break up with her.

It took only a month for the breakup, and the ex-boyfriend had a new relationship. Liu Yan is not willing, WeChat on the former boyfriend, the ex-boyfriend is also wonderful, said "Which is true love, it is a gang to live." Liu Yan felt disgusted.

So, the "disgusting" to her ex-boyfriend, is the same person as the ex-boyfriend who is now intimately at the father's memorial service?