Ou Di took her eldest daughter to visit the wife of the confinement, and the father and the daughter were happy to be disgusted.

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Ou Di took her eldest daughter to visit the wife of the confinement, and the father and the daughter were happy to be disgusted.

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At the end of August, Ou Di, who already has a beautiful daughter, once again likes to mention a small cotton jacket.

Zheng Yuncan of the postpartum has been living in the center of the month. The medical staff of the Yuezi Center felt that other mothers had children, and they hoped that the husband would stay with them. I have never seen you take your husband away.

Zheng Yuncan’s explanation is that his idol bag is too heavy. I don’t want my husband to see that he has not recovered his body and the unkempt look. Of course, the front is a joke. The most important thing is Zheng Yuncan’s feeling. The big niece needs more care, so let Ou Di go home and spend more time with the jojo who is going to kindergarten. Otherwise sensitive jojo is afraid that there will be a feeling of falling out of favor.

On September 19th, Ou Di took her daughter to visit her wife, and she was photographed by Zheng Yuncan.

Without his wife, the younger brother is actually getting younger, and with a little handsome, how is it fat? Is it very stressful to stay with my wife on weekdays?

Zheng Yuncan also showed up the scene of the love of the father and the daughter, and humorously said:

I always feel that The center of the month is a warm moment, the warmth is less than a few seconds, it is the moment of trouble... This is the father and daughter, you are still going home...

< p>Is the father and the daughter planning to sleep at the center of the month? The two men were covered with a quilt. Ou Di took the little princess and looked at her head. She felt warm. It seems that this nearly 20 days of care has already cultivated Ou Di into a good super dad.

jojo is lying on the bed, still pouting a small mouth, really cute! I have to say that my daughter's face value is much higher than my father!

jojo also kissed and kissed Ou Di’s cheek and staged a more intimate moment.

jojo smiles shyly, the appearance of a delicate, people can not help but feel the heart!

The jojo who got up and laughed was really sweet, and the baby with a dirty face was trying to pinch!

After Ou Di opened his eyes, all peace was broken. The fight between the father and the daughter began. Visually, the two were tickle each other, and jojo had already laughed and planted it on the quilt.

The old father’s eyes also smiled and wrinkles came.

The "duel" between the two became more and more fierce, and Ou Di directly grabbed the jojo and prevented her from getting up.

It is clear that jojo is defeated, but he is very happy. This makes Zheng Yuncan, who is resting, very headache, and also dismissed a wave of the father and daughter who love each other. However, the smile of jojo is so infectious, and the boat can't help but reveal the aunt's smile, even more than Zheng Yuncan!

When Miss Jojo is absent, Zheng Yuncan always says that he wants to jojo, and he can't help but cry when he looks at jojo's photo. Now that jojo has come and started to dislike it? Obviously she is joking.

I look forward to seeing my sister open her eyes, looking forward to seeing a family of four happy and happy, Ou Di has three little girls With you, you must be very happy!