The father asked for a maintenance fee of 50 million. Mao Xiaoyu responded for the first time.

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The father asked for a maintenance fee of 50 million. Mao Xiaoyu responded for the first time.

2018-09-20 20:25:12 139 ℃

Today (September 20), when Mao Xiaotong was interviewed by the media, he was asked by a reporter: "How to see online rumors about his family and private." Mao Xiaoyu first responded: "Optimistic life is optimistic." "".

A lot of netizens praised Mao Xiaolan’s attitude very well, and he has his own opinion and is very strong.

In fact, what happened to Mao Xiaolan can write a The TV series, the first to start is to break up with Chen Xiang, and Mao Xiaoyu raped him and Jiang Yan together.

From the discovery of derailment, to moving out of a cohabitation, Mao Xiaoyu used it for hours before and after, and many netizens couldn’t help it at the time. I’m amazed, for four years together, Mao Xiaozhen decided to put it down and took all four things in four minutes. It’s a very powerful person!

The front foot has just been beaten by her boyfriend, and the father has a father to ask for a high-priced alimony. Since childhood, she has not taken responsibility for raising Mao Xiaotong. Now I see Mao Xiaotong. Little fame comes to ask for 50 million alimony.

Mao Xiaolan grew up with his mother, originally with his father Surnamed Li, and later changed the surname with the mother's surname Mao, it can be seen that the father did not have a sense of existence in Mao Xiaotong's childhood!

The father of the father screamed at the show, stressed that he has never raised I didn’t even buy a gift, and said that I would not give up without getting alimony.

The fact that these dog blood is really happening in life can be written as a TV series. According to the routine of the TV series, the sad woman finally I will meet a very good person to take care of her life and go to happiness. I hope that Mao Xiaotong can find such a person to protect her as soon as possible!