Deng Lun was given a gift by fans in Milan. Deng Lun said kindly, he was embarrassed and looked too embarrassed!

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Deng Lun was given a gift by fans in Milan. Deng Lun said kindly, he was embarrassed and looked too embarrassed!

2018-09-22 10:25:13 660 ℃

It seems that Deng Lun did not have a special fire when he was filming "Ode to Joy". Through this drama, everyone had a preliminary understanding of him. Later, Deng Lun’s image of Dazhi Ruoyu played in Chu Chuan Biography also helped Chu Qiao, which everyone likes, so the degree of goodwill rose. Later, Deng Lun became the internship father in "Where Dad Goes". Seeing his patience and caring care for Xiaozhuzhu and several other children, many fans shouted to marry him. The recent "Sweet Honey and Frost" is the phoenix that makes this phoenix a big hit.

How hot is Deng Dun in the end, look at the recent photos of the friends who have sunburned . This is the case. During this time, Milan held Fashion Week, and almost half of the entertainment artists went. Dunren is no exception. The following is a photo taken by Duolun on the street of Milan. He is dressed casually and a little sporty. Just a stop, it becomes a landscape.

Through the photo, we saw that many younger sisters and younger sisters are standing next to Deng Lun’s Taking a mobile phone to shoot Deng Lun, this is definitely not a simple encounter, it must be known that Deng Lun went to Milan, so they also came over in unison.

Deng Lun walked forward and the fans followed. Deng Lun has been keeping his head down and not changing his color. He may be worried that it will affect law and order and he will not interact with the fans. However, he is more happy with his heart. It is something that many people yearn for.

Deng Lun’s face value is still very reliable.

Fans are only asking for, not asking for a return. So there are girls who give Deng Lun a gift and put it in a black bag. Most of the stars now do not accept the gifts prepared by the fans. After all, many of the parents who use the stars, such as Yang Mi and Hu Ge, have issued a message saying that they are determined not to accept gifts. Dunren is no exception.

However, Deng Lun was very euphemistically rejected. He looked at the thing and said "sorry". The corner of his mouth showed a faint smile. It was so sweet and so embarrassing!

Fans feel that Dunren said "sorry" when he was like a child.

Deng Lun has a hand in his pocket, two long legs are too eye-catching, walking posture Handsome!

In the face of so many fans, netizens greeted each other: the chasing of Milan is such a large number !

There are also friends in the phrase: rich people are chasing Milan, no money I can only wait for my husband to come back...

A few days ago, Deng Lun did a good job in Milan, and When an old man crossed the road together, the old man did not see the car and went forward. Deng Lun immediately caught the old man's arm and prevented him from moving forward. Some media praised Deng Lun's character, but the fans were very rational and humble. They thought that this was an instinctive reaction, and they should do it. Also gave Deng Lun a lot of trouble.

I believe there is such a love bean, there is such a fan, Dunren must be red for a long time, go very Far!