Deng Sha said that the early pregnancy was abandoned by the scum male, the husband looked unhappy

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Deng Sha said that the early pregnancy was abandoned by the scum male, the husband looked unhappy

2018-09-24 10:25:05 353 ℃

Because "Mom is Superman 3" and "Yanlan Raiders", Deng Sha circled a lot of powder in 2018, and the popularity rose. Wei Yining, who did not expect to have a few shots, actually became a "core figure" in the whole drama. It is estimated that Deng Sha also felt very surprised.

Dengsha’s appearance is relatively small and small, and there is also a cute and classical temperament. The film and television works that have been exhibited since the debut are mostly costume dramas. Republic of China drama. Always a kind of tender and petite, lovable image, during the period also challenged some villains, do not look petite, but she also lacks gas.

And in the past few years, there are also a few low-key episodes, until "Mom is Superman 3" with his son Dalinzi on the mirror, everyone I know she is married and has children. And it is still a cute, cute and cute son, which has envied many people.

But the people who eat melons are always gossip, and "Mom is Superman" has been in the midst of a variety of hotspots. Identity, Deng Sha was even questioned, not fire. I am able to go to this variety because my husband is a rich man in Hong Kong and can sponsor the show.

A moment about the news that Dengsha’s husband is a rich man, it’s so rampant. Many people who eat melons are looking for clues. The first episode has not fallen. Finally, Deng Sha responded to the rumors, and her husband also went on the show. Satisfied everyone's curiosity.

Besides, the only anecdote in Dengsha’s body was also discussed during that time. What happened? In the early days of his debut, he was deceived by the rich second-generation scum, and he was conceived and became a single mother, and Ma Tianyu extended a helping hand when she was in difficulty. At that time, netizens were very distressed by Deng Sha.

But when Dengsha got married and brought such a big son, it made people look awkward. Didn’t they be defamed? When did they get married? I thought this kind of rumor was not broken. But it doesn't. As the program became more popular, rumors became more and more frequent. When Deng Sha attended the event, he responded and said that he is a normal family. It is just a rumor.

And recently, Deng Sha’s interview program, under the host’s question, talked about this matter again. She said, “First of all, I feel so embarrassed. Is it me? I think my husband will see it more, what scum male, pregnancy abandonment, etc." She thinks that these people are very skillful, because they have shaped themselves into victims, and they have sympathy when they pass. Attitude, so she used to endure it before.

The reason why I didn’t respond at that time was because I didn’t think that many people were paying attention to this matter. If I was busy responding, it might make things ferment. It is getting bigger and bigger, and others may say that this is her own hype.

And after talking about the rumors, Deng Sha began to talk about the baby son Dalinzi, because the big linzi looks particularly cute, the host asked if he was afraid of his son. Growing up into a mother gun, Deng Sha directly laughed at this question, she said that many friends around have asked.

Don't worry about this, because with Dad, Dad is very masculine, so it won't be a gun, and Dengsha thinks The big linzi is the kind of long and well-behaved, but judging that the mother can not only be from the appearance, may be inside the relatives, and bluntly said that the grandmother was strict with the big lining, he was worried that he would become timid and weak. (Da Linzi's inner OS: Long cute is my fault...)

It is estimated that Deng Sha did not expect that the brainwashing bag is so powerful. This time, it is also a formal response to why there is no clarification.