43-year-old Bao Jianfeng face is not serious, his wife is being spit: like a man

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43-year-old Bao Jianfeng face is not serious, his wife is being spit: like a man

2018-09-24 20:25:02 232 ℃

In recent days, Ma Yi has exposed photos of his classmates' class 94, and especially thanked his own teacher~

Star Sun classmates Netizens will generally find highlights from the photo. This time, everyone saw Bao Jianfeng at one of Ma Yi’s many classmates.

Bao Jianfeng and Ma Yizhen are not ordinary classmates. Because of the filming of "Vacuum Love Record", the two men who have debuted at the same time have a profound revolutionary friendship. A Chen Long.

The "Three Musketeers" have always had a particularly good relationship with the "old iron", both of whom are the daughters of Ma Yizhen's daughter.

It’s just that Ma Yi has become the hot girl of the drama, but Bao Jianfeng has been from that year. Fresh meat has become a middle-aged uncle who doesn't have much play.

No matter how many years in the past, Bao Jianfeng starred in "The Eighteen-Year Sky" is still an irreplaceable youth memory in the small 8 heart, reading a dream I want to have a class teacher like Gu Yuetao~

Tang Gaozong Li Zhi, who plays in "Supreme Red", is also quite classic, small 8 total I think that he and Yang Tongshu played Xu Yingying more CP.

Besides, his most famous drama is "See you again." A curtain of dreams, he played in the slag to the slag of the slag, the male sorrow, compared to the singular Fang Zhongxin, his role is really unpleasant!

After that, he also participated in many film and television dramas, but there is no one that impresses the public.

Although the cause is not particularly proud, Bao Jianfeng’s family life is still very happy.

In 2009, Bao Jianfeng and He Yuhao joined hands in the marriage hall.

He Haohao is also an actor, just playing some small characters, not famous.

Moreover, He Hao’s good looks are hard-nosed, and there is always a sense of vicissitudes that does not match his age. He was once vomited as “a man like a man”.

However, "evaluation is someone else's, life is your own", the couple who have been married for 9 years are still like sugar, honey, wedding anniversary, Bao Jianfeng I will also personally make a greeting card for my wife. This kind of careful thinking is sweet and sweet~

2015 , Bao Jianfeng and He Wei's good love crystals are satisfied with the birth of ~

Nowadays both couples have turned into "sun-baked madmen" and are happy to share their children's daily life with fans.

Small satisfaction is also a perfect inheritance of the parent's face value, big eye long eyelashes, full value!

Seeing the warm back of the old man and the child, the little 8 could not help but tears.

Life and happiness are inevitable to follow the "blessing", it is still difficult for the middle-aged Bao Jianfeng to keep young and thin.

As can be seen from his shared developments, he has always had strict body management.

It’s just that the hard work can’t keep up with the skin relaxation caused by gravity.

The years are really not very kind to our male god of the year. If you don’t see his iconic dimple, Little 8 can’t recognize it. .

Occasionally, the skin is over-exposed, and the small 8 is really blind.

After all, Hu Bing, who is four years older than Bao Jianfeng, is in this state.

But fat is fat, who can stay young? Happiness and health are the most important ~