Lin Miao can attend the wedding, the jewelry on the chest is spit: the elderly are so wearing it.

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Lin Miao can attend the wedding, the jewelry on the chest is spit: the elderly are so wearing it.

2018-09-25 10:25:01 216 ℃

There were more people who recently got married. A few days ago, Deng Lun attended a friend's wedding and caused a hot discussion on the Internet. They all said that Deng Lun was red and low-key. Yesterday, Weibo and another netizen sent a group of photos of Lin Miao can participate in a friend's wedding. There are not many photos. They are photos of Lin Miaoke and newcomers. It is said that Lin Miaoke is still very clever and sensible. When he takes a photo with the bride, he will bend his knees slightly to show his courtesy.

The wedding scene Lin Miao can wear a black dress, stepping on white high heels, the overall dress is quite dignified and mature, see this year is 19 years old Lin Miaoke started wearing high heels. Everyone said that Lin Miaoke is also a big boy.

The relationship between Lin Miaoke and the bride seems to be quite intimate. Lin Miao can take several photos with her bride, and in the same frame, in order to Not particularly high, Lin Miao can also bend the knees deliberately, but also very intimate.

Although the overall dress is decent, many netizens expressed dissatisfaction with Lin Miao can wear black clothes. Some netizens said that their custom is not to wear black clothes. Maybe every place is different.

Maybe everyone has high requirements and expectations for Lin Miaoke, and the netizens can sneak in all aspects of the comments, even Lin Miao can move the other side to kneel, Some netizens said that she is not really sincere, and really can't wear high heels. Some netizens think that Lin Miaoke's safflower on his chest is particularly conspicuous. It is said that the elderly will wear it like this, and it is very funny.

It’s said that Lin Miao can dress up before, but the netizens spit out the daily routine. Every time they don’t wear it, they are wearing a very mature, and the young teenager is hard. It has a sense of both "aunt".

The color selection of clothes is not all kinds of flowers or dark, not like a dozen The young girl, fortunately after entering the university, influenced by the surrounding students, Lin Miaoke's dressing style is not easy to change a bit, the photo style has begun to net red, several times stunning to the netizens, I thought it was a net red model.

I even learned to take a diagonal photo, no more than a scissors.

mixed in a group of beautiful students, although not as eye-catching as other students, but Lin Miao is better than before.

Even if it is a photo taken by a daily passerby, Lin Miaoke is also very resistant, and her clothes are like college students.

Kulin Miaoke is also beautiful for half a year, this is how long it took, netizens saw her ordinary photos of friends’ weddings or all kinds of dislikes, it seems Lin Miao can dress up and dress up. It’s a moment that can’t be relaxed. It’s useful to learn from my classmates.