Zhang Ziyi's Mid-Autumn Festival sun-baked family portrait, but she was robbed by the eldest daughter, and she was overtaken by her grandmother.

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Zhang Ziyi's Mid-Autumn Festival sun-baked family portrait, but she was robbed by the eldest daughter, and she was overtaken by her grandmother.

2018-09-25 10:25:01 482 ℃

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival, the stars also like this atmosphere very much, they have dried up their own way of the Mid-Autumn Festival, many of them have taken a warm photo of the Mid-Autumn Festival with their families. Recently, Zhang Ziyi, who has a hot topic in the topic of "I am an actor", has been watched by netizens. Zhang Ziyi, who has been acting online, has also gained a lot of happiness in his life.

The festival of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhang Ziyi also unveiled a family of four photos of happiness. Zhang Ziyi wrote that the family is a reunion and the Mid-Autumn Festival is happy.

Zhang Ziyi also generously took out a family of four happy photos, a family of four full face smiles very happy, Zhang Ziyi Su Yan appearance Very good, the left hand is holding the little daughter to wake up, the right hand is placed on the eldest daughter's apple, the mother and the daughter are very beautiful, only the image of Wang Feng is a bit of a netizen can not accept it, this Hu Yun is not afraid to hold her daughter to wake up Wake up to her when I wake up?

In fact, Zhang Ziyi is not the first time to have a family of four photos of happiness, starting from marrying Wang Feng, When Zhang Ziyi took photos of his family, there was always a big daughter apple in the photo. And from the perspective of the physical movements of the two, the relationship between the mother and the daughter is already very close. Some netizens even said that the eldest daughter’s long legs are too stealthy, and Yan’s value even surpassed her stepmother Zhang Ziyi.

Whether it is Wang Feng’s birthday or her daughter’s birthday, Zhang Ziyi’s photo of her family will always have her eldest daughter’s apple. The figure. I know that the eldest daughter Apple was born by Wang Feng and his ex-wife Ge Huizhen. Because of Zhang Ziyi’s photo of her eldest daughter, Ge Huizhen did not sneak on the microblog, but Zhang Ziyi ignored it. Zhang Ziyi’s The behavior is also called high emotional intelligence by netizens.

However, the two daughters are inevitably not compared together. Zhang Ziyi’s photo is taken out, and netizens have commented: The eldest daughter Apple is really beautiful, and even netizens say that the eldest daughter is better than Zhang Ziyi. Still have to pick.

When Zhang Ziyi’s daughter was awakened, she did not inherit the high value of Zhang Ziyi. When I arrived at Wang Feng's face value, I was very similar to Wang Feng's looks. It was not too bad to be seen by netizens. It was indeed far from the high value of Zhang Ziyi. Although the wake-up is now longer and more lovely, but it is inevitable that netizens will compare her with Wang Feng’s eldest daughter, and the difference between the two sisters is still quite large.

However, the appearance of this matter is impossible to choose, only to say that the eldest daughter Apple is lucky. Inherited from the high value of the mother Ge Hui, wake up just happened to inherit the value of Wang Feng. Therefore, many netizens now say that the older daughter is better than waking up. This is also a no-brainer, but the female university has changed eighteen. Do you know if the value of the wake-up in the future will exceed the value of the apple of the older sister?

From the photo point of view, Wang Feng’s eldest daughter, Apple and the mother-in-law, are very similar, but the sad thing is that now Apple’s relationship with her mother Ge Ge is very general, but it’s very much for her stepmother Zhang Ziyi. Like it.

The eldest daughter, Little Apple, once sang a video of interaction with Zhang Ziyi on a social software, kindly Calling Zhang Ziyi as a mother, it seems that Zhang Ziyi has completely conquered this stepdaughter and knows that her stepmother is difficult, but Zhang Ziyi’s stepmother is indeed qualified.

Although the outside world’s comments on Zhang Ziyi are mixed, especially after the broadcast of “I am an actor”, many netizens pointed out that Zhang Ziyi’s evaluation of the actors was too harsh and too high to look at himself. But there is not much to say, just her attitude towards the eldest daughter, can make the child like this stepmother, this is worthy of the netizens admire. The child will not lie, the eldest daughter Apple can like Zhang Ziyi so much, enough to prove that Zhang Ziyi is really in place.