Zhang Yuqi is divorced! Have a physical conflict with the husband

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Zhang Yuqi is divorced! Have a physical conflict with the husband

2018-09-28 00:25:01 241 ℃

On the 27th, the agent Yang Tianzhen issued a message, "On behalf of Miss Zhang Yuxi and Mr. Yuan Bayuan, issued the following statement: today two have already agreed to divorce A relationship is always a matter of two people. Today is over, I hope that all the dust will be settled, and I hope that you will no longer sneak in and explore. Life has a companion that is fate. May each be well and bless each other."

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Extended reading: Zhang Yuxi and her husband disputed limbs conflict with the back of the man. The police confirmed that it is true

The net exposure of Zhang Yuxi and her husband Yuan Bayuan caused disputes over family chores and caused physical conflicts. In the process, Zhang used a fruit knife to scratch the back of the man. Huangpu police said that Yuan Bayuan was the police of the 24th newspaper. At that time, the police came to mediate the dispute, and the screenshot of the case of the network police station was true. The relevant media called the female staff member and the other party did not answer the call.

According to the screenshots, on the evening of the 24th, someone reported that someone in the apartment had a knife fight. After the police arrived at the apartment, they did not find the knife, but they also brought the parties back to the police station for mediation on the grounds of family disputes.

According to the screenshot text, the two parties involved in the case are well-known actress Zhang Yuxi and her husband Yuan Bayuan. The two had a dispute over family trivia and developed into a physical conflict. However, for Yuan Bayuan’s allegation that Zhang Yuqi’s knife was wounded, Zhang Yuxi denied it, and the police did not find the knife. The case is currently under mediation and has been reported to the City Council.

Extended reading: Zhang Yuqi’s street roaring door

As early as January 2013, Zhang Yuxi, who had a hot temper, had a problem with Wang Quanan. The media once photographed Zhang Yuqi, "The door of Wang Quanan." Zhang Yuqi drove a Land Rover car to appear on the door of a cooper car on the Fourth Ring Road in Beijing. The driver of the cooper car was very similar to his husband Wang Quanan, and it was suspected that the two men had a crisis.

At about ten o'clock that night, Zhang Yuqi drove a Land Rover car on the Fourth Ring Road, next to a cooper car. After Zhang Yuqi got off the bus, he went straight to the cooper, at the driver and in the car. After the window negotiations, but no results; afterwards, Zhang Yuqi pulled the driver's door, but the door was locked from the inside, how can not pull open. Zhang Yuqi vigorously patted the glass, shouted in the car, and even called directly, but the door was still not open; Zhang Yuqi pressed one hand on the engine cover, yelling at the person inside the car, and then screaming at the door more directly .

From the distance, the cooper is a man wearing a hat. The appearance is quite similar to that of Wang Quanan. After a series of actions failed to persuade the cooper owner to open the door, Zhang Yuqi drove the Land Rover away. In the following days, Zhang Yuqi was always present, and Wang Quanan was not seen.

Since Zhang Yuxi personally confirmed the engagement with director Wang Quanan through Weibo in 2011, the two have been performing in front of the camera. Very loving, this suspected "fight" between the two is not known.

Editor: Li Hui