I am an actor: Sun Hao’s husband sends a text to his wife. Is Zhang Xiaofei really true?

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I am an actor: Sun Hao’s husband sends a text to his wife. Is Zhang Xiaofei really true?

2018-09-28 00:25:07 393 ℃

"I am an actor" Since the launch, the actors on the show have been spit out, but no one has been stunned like Sun Hao. Whether in the film's feature film or in the tidbits, everyone can see Sun Hao because he wants to sort out the script, but he has delayed the rehearsal time and even cried Zhang Xiaofei.

This thing is really exposed, after Sun Hao and Zhang Xiaofei performed "Blind Mountain", Wu Xiubo Comment on the performances of the two people, saying that their role status is not generated through communication, but is brewed by themselves, telling them to rely heavily on their opponents on the stage.

At this time, Zhang Xiaofei said something, the focus of which was the rehearsal time between her and Sun Wei. It took less than two hours to add together. You know, in such a scene, what is the concept of rehearsing for less than two hours? When you take a gymnastics class, you have to take a few lessons to learn.

After hearing this, both Wu Xiubo, Xu Wei and Zhang Ziyi were very surprised. Zhang Ziyi’s acting skills are good enough? Even when she heard that she only took two hours, she said, "Is this too exaggerated?" The two-hour rehearsal time is obviously very unreasonable.

plus the tidbits of the final show, a "selfishness is not considered by others" on! A lot of netizens on the Internet began to marry her. She said that she couldn’t do anything, and she said that she couldn’t do her acting. This should be the most horrible one in the actor of "I am an actor."

And today, Sun’s husband, Cai Yuanhang, has a strong wife, one of which is very meaningful, he Said: "Classmates like you can live 70 episodes on the TV drama, but in the real life of such a plot must be a death." Listen to his words, do not have deep meaning.

The microblog forwarded by Cai Yuanhang, which states the detailed itinerary of Sun Wei and Zhang Xiaofei during the rehearsal If the trip is true, then the rehearsal time for the two is far more than two hours.

Read these and let This matter has become more confusing. Whoever said the truth and who said the lie? Let's wait and see!