Zhang Yuqi’s domestic violence husband, former boyfriend Wang Xiaofei actually said these seven words.

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Zhang Yuqi’s domestic violence husband, former boyfriend Wang Xiaofei actually said these seven words.

2018-09-28 00:25:11 220 ℃

Last night, a topic slammed the first place on Weibo’s hot search list for a long time. The incident was a conflict between Zhang Yuqi and his wife.

According to the situation described by the police, the two "disputed due to family chores and caused physical conflicts", "in the process Zhang (Yu Yu) holding The fruit knife scratched his back, but the details of the knife were denied by Zhang Yuxi.

Zhang Yuxi and her husband Yuan Bayuan got married in 2016 and gave birth to a baby in October of the following year. I didn’t expect Zhang Yu’s temper after being a mother to be so hot. The news of the car that was slap in the face with Wang Xiaofei and Wang Quan’an’s car was still vivid, only a few years of effort, the male protagonist in the news was replaced by Yuan Bayuan.

Just after Zhang Yuqi’s domestic violence news was just on the hot search, ex-boyfriend Wang Xiaofei suddenly updated a Weibo on this section of the festival and sunk it. With the sweetness of the big S, and the text said: "Peace is a blessing."

In Wang Xiaofei’s own words: "The face that my wife saw today eight years ago." In the photo, Wang Xiaofei and Da S smiled intimately together, under the blue sky and white clouds, the two people smiled very brightly.

But what, it is this day, this time to send Weibo. The seven words that just happened to match the text with a hint of "dark irony", provoked the crazy comments of netizens. One of the most praised netizens commented: "Wang Xiaofei’s voice at the moment: It’s not her, but the news man today is me.”

As early as the time ago, the attitude of Zhang Yuqi and Da S to the "peeling shrimp theory" was totally different, which attracted a large crowd of people who were eating melons. Big S advocates that men should be stripped of shrimp to themselves, otherwise they will not eat.

The other character, Zhang Yuxi, who is straightforward and straightforward, said: "If you don’t peel the shrimp yourself, it’s too much!" Wang Xiaofei’s predecessor and current attitude are also quite Clear and direct.

At present, there is no specific result of Zhang Yuqi's domestic violence incident, which remains to be seen; and Wang Xiaofei's S couple enjoys the sweet time of the two in the mountains. I gave Zhang Yuxi a beautiful scenery under the lens of Wang Xiaofei and wished her all good!