Zhang Yuqi scratched her husband's follow-up: the reason for the two people quarreling, Yuanba Yuan's ex-wife sent a connotation microblogging

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Zhang Yuqi scratched her husband's follow-up: the reason for the two people quarreling, Yuanba Yuan's ex-wife sent a connotation microblogging

2018-09-28 10:25:09 236 ℃

Introduction to the text/entertainment circle

After Zhang Yuqi and Yuan Bayuan got married, they showed love and love from time to time. The two also gave birth to enviable dragons and babies. This kind of marriage was very popular with the outside world. of. Unexpectedly, a scandal involving family disputes between the two people was reported. The incident caused a sensation in the entertainment industry.

The screenshots provided by netizens have been officially confirmed. The situation in the screenshot shows that Zhang Yuxi and her husband Yuan Bayuan had disputes over family chores and caused physical conflicts. During the whole process, Zhang Yuqi scratched the back of Yuan Bayuan with a fruit knife. However, the two sides have different opinions on whether to hold a knife; but it is certain that Yuan Bayuan was scratched by Zhang Yuqi.

It didn't take long for Zhang Yuxi's agent, Yang Tianzhen, to speak on behalf of Zhang Yuqi and Yuan Bayuan on Weibo, officially announcing that they had agreed to divorce. In this regard, many netizens feel that they are somewhat unexpected but reasonable. Online public opinion almost supports Zhang Yuxi one-sidedly, praising her personality and daring to love and hate.

When everyone thought that Zhang Yuqi and Yuan Bayuan had a family dispute and then chose to divorce quickly, the plot reversed. The insider put new materials online, saying that the two were due to divorce and property division problems, and then disputes. In other words, divorce is the reason why the two people quarreled and then "scratched". They have long been preparing for a divorce, and they did not choose to divorce after a family dispute.

As for why you want to divorce, this is not known.

Yuan Bayuan also has an ex-wife named Ge Xiaoqian. When she married Zhang Yuxuan and Yuan Bayuan, she tore Zhang Yuxi and accused her of stealing her husband.

There is a news on the Internet that Ge Xiaoqian and Yuanbayuan’s family of three lived happily together. After Zhang Yuxi’s appearance, Ge Xiaoqian was abandoned. It is. Ge Xiaoqian also stunned Zhang Yuxi to take his children to sell "good mom", and said that it is hard to see his children being used as a show tool.

This time, Zhang Yuxi and Yuan Bayuan exposed the news of divorce. Ge Xiaoqian, who is dissatisfied with Zhang Yuxi, naturally will not "stand by". She sent a microblog that connotated Zhang Yuxi, insinuating that she is a person whose emotional spirit is easily out of control. The result was counterattacked by Zhang Yuqi fans, and Ge Xiaoqian continued to swear by Zhang Yuyu in the comment area.

Ge Xiaoqian's comments in the commentary area can further confirm the connotation of her hair microblogging is directed at Zhang Yuxi. However, she later deleted the intent of Weibo and comments.

The attitude of netizens is different. Someone commented on Ge Xiaoqian: "Are you too addicted to yourself?", "What are you doing? Deficiency?", "Big sister, can you not be hot?" Someone supported her and commented: "That's your end, Congratulations on staying away from the scum man."