Wu Xiubo smashed his current wife when he was most lonely. He once revealed that the real estate license was written by the other party’s name.

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Wu Xiubo smashed his current wife when he was most lonely. He once revealed that the real estate license was written by the other party’s name.

2018-09-28 10:25:13 515 ℃

The hottest news of these days is definitely the result of Wu Xiubo being derailed. Actress Chen Yulin issued a complaint and Wu Xiubo had a seven-year underground feeling. During the period, Wu Xiubo also had a relationship with two other women. Among them, the actress Chen Yulin who had cooperated with the "Military Union" also harassed her and caused her to suffer. Got depression.

Soon, Zhang Xiaoxi, who was accused of being a "small four", jumped out and responded. It is said that "the Qing Dynasty is self-cleaning", and it has also been exposed to the "three-time harassment of the teacher."

Zhang Yuxi

There is still not finished. On September 26, there were two other actresses - Tang Yizhen and He Lanjiao, who were involved in it, firmly occupying the micro Bo hot search list. In the end, they forced the two to issue a statement and draw a line with Wu Xiubo.

No With a trace of defense, Wu Xiubo's carefully crafted "Ya Yu Uncle" and "teacher killer" people have collapsed so that countless people have broken their glasses.

So many years ago, Wu Xiubo never mentioned a family to the outside world. His wife He Zhenya is almost like an invisible person. For the reason why he doesn't like to talk about his family, Wu Xiubo once answered this question in an interview:

"Because I am acting, not autobiography. If I have to talk, I will answer, just a few. Words, do you ask me to love my son and wife? My answer is love. You ask me how to deal with the relationship between family and work. I say thinking about my family at work and thinking about work at home." Strong>

When that year, Wu Xiubo originally sang at the bar. One night's income is the average person's salary for one month. Years later, the fans of the year recalled the heroic singer of Bo Shu’s singing on the Lu Yu You Yue’s show. “The lamp on the side of the desk shines on him. He tilts his head slightly, holding wheat in both hands, closing his eyes, and lighting him. There are some downfalls, some helplessness, some awkwardness... We are basically like hypnotized, followed by his singing voices of joy and sorrow." In the present words, the uncle of the year was the hormone that walked, even he himself remembered At that time, I had a few girlfriends, "I can’t tell which time is the real love, or just a slap in the face. In that year, the urge to go to see a girl was far greater than seeing a record. The boss of the company."

It’s a pity that the karaoke industry is getting sluggish. Wu Xiubo can no longer rely on singing to make money. He can only go to sea to do business. He tried to open seven restaurants in two years. Lost more than 20 million yuan; later opened a beauty salon, sold clothes, reversed foreign exchange ... all failed. "Between the ages of 30 and 33, I was almost unemployed. I didn't have any income. I became a mixed-race in the society. I don't know how I survived."

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Wu Xiubo at a young age

It’s even more sad that Wu Xiubo was a weight More than 170 kilograms of fat, the belly is too big to bend down and can not tie their own shoes. It stands to reason that no woman is willing to marry him. However, Wu Xiubo stepped on the dog and smashed his wife in the ugliest and most ruthless time. "Suddenly, at that time, life entered a new node, that is, I got married, and the child was born, I always Can't let the child starve to death?" In the year of marriage, Wu Xiubo was 34 years old.

When 2014, Wu Xiubo borrowed The TV series "Divorce Lawyers" has dissected his own view of marriage. He believes that the marriage system is actually a social demand greater than the individual needs. Just because it carries too many desires, it will lead to overwhelming marriage and contradictions. For his own marriage, Wu Xiubo said a word: If you don't marry, you don't follow suit, and you die fast!

Wu Xiubo also revealed that he has almost no status at home. The only responsibility for housework is to play with dogs, and educating children is also "not in turn." Moreover, the real estate license is written by the wife's name, he only has a bank card, "some money inside."

At that time, Wu Xiubo’s answer was a lot of powder. The outside world praised him as a good man who loves his wife. Now it’s really a face-lifting. Netizens guess that Wu Xiubo will hand over the financial power to his wife’s management, perhaps for compensation. And Mrs. Wu holds the economic power, knowing that her husband will never ask for a divorce, so she is taking a blind eye to the uncle’s enthusiasm outside.