Net exposure Ji Xiaobo was arrested for money laundering? Wu Peici responded to the denial: nerves!

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Net exposure Ji Xiaobo was arrested for money laundering? Wu Peici responded to the denial: nerves!

2018-11-08 00:25:07 693 ℃

The majority of people who eat melon know that the name "Wu Xiaobo" is mostly because of Wu Peici. Wu Peici, who is known as the "nine-headed body" beauty, was also a well-known actress in Taiwan. She was a close sister of size S, Aya, etc., but after many sisters got married, Wu Peici became an unmarried mother. In 2013, she suddenly announced that she had been pregnant for 4 months. She also announced that she had received millions of diamond rings from her boyfriend, CEO of Hong Kong Ronghui Capital Co., Ltd., and that she was married to the giants in minutes. The rhythm.

But a few years later, Wu Peici gave birth to a woman and two sons during this time. They all became the mothers of the three children, but they still did not marry. Whenever talking about Wu Peici, netizens are almost always ridiculous.

At the end of October, there were rumors on the Internet that "Star Girl" Lin Yun and Ji Xiaobo passed away. After the event was fermented, it was once hot search.

This is a nonsense news, Lin Yun did not respond, but Wu Peici responded with high-profile on Weibo, taking the initiative for Lin Yun Voice, let the media do not scribble, say that people are only 22 years old, do not mess up the reputation of others.

At the same time, PO also took a photo of herself and her boyfriend, took the opportunity to show her love, and also declared her status as a true girlfriend, really killing two birds.

But the network has recently exposed Ji Xiaobo. A financial blogger broke the news that Ji Xiaobo was arrested.

There are even more Weibo users exposing more fierce material: Ji Xiaobo was arrested because he helped people with gambling money every year. Forms of money laundering, amounting to more than $70 billion.

But then, Wu Peici passed The media responded: The nerves are unreasonable. Indirectly denied the news. He also said that such false reports will not be tolerated and have been formally prosecuted. Speaking of it, these explosions are really endless, but Wu Peici seems to be used to the much-watched life.

This year’s October 4th is Wu Peici’s 40th birthday. She also invited many famous ladies. The women and friends gathered in a high-profile celebration, and the scene of the celebration was quite romantic and warm.

and most What is striking is the 10.4-carat diamond ring on her hand, which is quite stealthy. But it is said that this ring was still the birthday of last year, and Ji Xiaobo’s mother was also a gift from Wu Peici’s prospective mother-in-law.

Although Wu Peici has always been a high-profile show of happiness, but it is not easy to bring three children. When the child is sick in the middle of the night, she can only ask for help online. Please help the netizen.

can only be said to be a giant It’s not easy for the wife. There are so many rumors from the outside world that I have to respond every day. It’s also very heart-rending. I hope that Wu Peici can think about opening.