Kun Ling took her son and daughter out, and the skirt worn by Xiao Zhouzhou caught the attention of everyone.

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Kun Ling took her son and daughter out, and the skirt worn by Xiao Zhouzhou caught the attention of everyone.

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Jay Chou has sunburned the daughter...the back of the head, although the people who have eaten melon have never seen the face of Xiao Zhouzhou, but as long as these two mouths are casually drying their backs, everyone is screaming and cute, um, it seems more It is mysterious to show no face. Also sigh, the children grow really fast, dazzling is so high?

Jourin Jay finished his daughter here, and his wife Kun Ling took the son and daughter on the ins. Taking photos of the park together, the netizen said that this view should be taken by Dad Jayen in the back. The family of four went out on an outing, and the happiness overflowed the screen. The happiest thing is that our brother finally appeared, Jay Chou, you still have a son, don't forget it!

Although Jay is a daughter slave, I have to say that my son and father are more like some, especially It is the way to walk around the week, and the similarity with Jay Chou is as high as 99%.

I saw my sister holding the hand of my brother, and the style of painting is quite warm. Before Kunling was interviewed, she said that her daughter is a bully at home, and everyone is afraid to provoke her, but also to bully her brother.

And my brother, my mother described him as a child who is obedient, and his sister does not resist, he Little poor look...but parents are slowly teaching their sisters and brothers to get along with each other. At least the style of the photos is still quite harmonious.

After reading the happy family, everyone zoomed in and found a bright spot, sister Xiao Zhouzhou The skirt is beautiful, but it is obviously not a season. The mother wears two pieces of woolen hats. The younger brother is also a thick coat, and Xiao Zhouzhou, tulle skirt or short sleeve!

Everyone is caring about children, isn't it cold?

I think she is cold, but as a girl wearing a princess dress, it is absolutely not allowed to wear another coat, or a concave shape is more important.

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