Wang Yuan Wei Daxun is not easy to prince and princess dinner, the result is difficult to brothers and brothers together to search for apologize

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Wang Yuan Wei Daxun is not easy to prince and princess dinner, the result is difficult to brothers and brothers together to search for apologize

2018-12-06 10:25:36 260 ℃

When the stars are also very tired, they are well known by everyone, and their every move will be exposed by the majority of attention. Some stars are comfortable with the lens, and some people’s reactions make you unexpected. . Wang Yuan, who was not just a grown-up, went to the hot search for avoiding the reporter’s sneak shot.

On the 5th, the media photographed Wang Yuan and Wei Daxun’s shopping in Sanlitun. The two men went straight to the dead end. Crossing the railing violated public order. It is reported that the day was the two people going out to eat. After the dinner, they went downstairs and suddenly surrounded some "photographers" who were unclear. When they saw it, they crossed the railing. In the process of crossing, Wang Yuan was almost stuck. Wei Daxun not only did not help, but sneered at the other side.

When the photo broke out, Wang Yuan flipped the railing and was stuck in the hot search. Wang Yuan did not have the first time. Any explanation directly apologizes: "I will reflect on my inappropriate behavior this time. In the future, I will be strict with myself. I hope everyone will supervise and give you trouble." This apology reminds Xiaobian of the sentence of "The Lonely Note". Lyrics: "I live in public opinion, afraid that disappointment is no longer easy... slowly slowly, hiding freedom into my heart..."

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Afterwards, Wei Daxun also issued a apology, saying that he had made a profound introspection. This incident is actually a friend who has two very good friends to eat privately. There is no road in front of the paparazzi and there is a paparazzi behind. There is really no way to cross the railing. Because I feel that this is very bad, I apologize. There is not too much explanation, only to show that this is not right, both people are very idols!

Wang Yuan and Wei Daxun’s fans of Weibo’s fans praised the paparazzi’s sneak shot: “First notice It’s a good thing to be able to recognize your mistakes, but is it necessary to take care of a dog’s ubiquitous sneak shot? It’s hard to eat a meal with friends and be photographed by people. Will you be upset?", "It's really awesome, obviously you are followed by a paparazzi, because you are a public figure to come out and admit your mistakes. I have to give you a compliment, I hope that unscrupulous media and paparazzi can point to the face"

Wangyuan’s hot search was still on the top of the hot search list, followed by an apology for both of them. Hot search, it is hard for the prince and the princess to gather a meal, the result becomes a difficult brother, and later they will not call them the prince and princess, it is difficult to be a brother. Hahaha, it was counted by the paparazzi and the railing, and it was sent out to let all the netizens watch it. This apology is like the review written by two primary school students who were arrested in school.

When Wang Yuan Wei Daxun The second shot was actually a matter of last month. On November 27, Wang Yuan took a photo with Wei Daxun in Weibo and wrote a text: Today, Wei Daxun invited the guests to dinner. Well, since I photographed it that day, why didn’t I have to wait until today (that is, Wang Yuan’s second day of hot search on political textbooks), which is the way to block it? Still being bought hot search?

The star is also an ordinary person, There are also powers to own their own private time and life. We should pay more attention to their works rather than private life. Do you say that?