The wife of the Mimihua became a v-face value, and the victory of the war was declared a complete victory.

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The wife of the Mimihua became a v-face value, and the victory of the war was declared a complete victory.

2018-12-06 20:25:29 96 ℃

On December 6, Chen Mihua’s wife, Chen Huiling, showed her latest self-portrait on social networking sites. These days, Chen Huiling has attended many activities and showed her most beautiful status in one event. When I was accompanied by her husband, Michal, it was indeed a lot better.

In the latest self-portrait, Chen Huiling With exquisite makeup, especially a melon face is very eye-catching, and so close-up self-timer, the value is still very resistant, it feels like going back to the peak of Yan value.

In the selfie, Chen Huiling also changed the jewelry The self-portrait of the jewelry, the beauty of the jewelry plus the beauty of the person, the effect of the photo is very good, and these jewelry are also very temperament in Chen Huiling's body.

Comparing the previous photos, Chen Huiling is indeed thin Quite a lot, the face of the previous month's birthday felt more fleshy. This time, the chin is obviously going to be a lot of changes. It is estimated that this time is related to exercise weight loss, plus the nourishment of washing rice. So slimming has become more motivating.

and noticed the clothes he wore at the event With the characteristics of a lady and a strong woman, the nail polish on the hands and feet is a big red color. It seems to be a very festive color. Is it because of the husband’s companionship during this time? The status of the main house is very stable.

Chen Huiling’s dynamics have indeed been It is more frequent, and the wife of Zimbabwe is also a very self-reliant business elite.

She has invested in a lot of commercial projects, already Not only is a weak woman around the entertainment tycoon, but has more business ideas of her own, which may also be the place where she exudes charm, so she did not go to the British lover Mandy during this time.

and in addition to Chen Huiling’s company, washing rice Hua also has a child who is also in love. He can let him feel different aspects of love, not only as an entertainment tycoon, but also a good father, enjoying the fun of bringing a baby at home.

At present, on the surface, Zhai Mihua and Chen Huiling The relationship is getting better and better. Chen Huiling is getting more and more beautiful under the nourishment of love. I just don’t know if she has secretly flew to Britain to visit her lover Mandy. After all, both sides must pay attention to it.