Chen Xiao Chen Yuxi's family of three happy travel photos, son Xiaoxing face drum drums super cute!

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Chen Xiao Chen Yuxi's family of three happy travel photos, son Xiaoxing face drum drums super cute!

2018-12-06 20:25:30 117 ℃

Actors Chen Xiao and Chen Yuxi met and loved each other in the new edition of "The Condor Heroes". The wedding ceremony was held in 2016. The veil kiss at the wedding was so many people shouted that the sweetness exceeded the standard.

After that, Chen Xiao Chen Yuxi has few high-profile and beautiful love, but there is also some warm interaction. For example, birthdays give each other a sweet blessing, paired with their childhood photos, which looks both intimate and warm.

Chen Xiao Chen Yuxi also At the end of 2016, they ushered in their love crystallization: son star. Many fans have said that with the high value of the two, the son of the little star must look good.

But Chen Xiao Chen Yuxi always protects the little stars very well, rarely sun-dried, and the family of three is extremely rare. In the same box, almost no family portraits.

On December 6, Chen Yuxi rarely took a photo of a family of three, in which Chen Yuxi and Chen Xiao wore couple shoes. The little fat feet of the little stars are also very eye-catching.

Although there is no three-faced appearance, the fans are still very easy to satisfy, and this is a "full-footed blessing".

Chen Yuxi also released the little star Chen Xiao and his son on a personal social platform, looking at the squid with a serious look Photo.

The little stars in the photo looked up seriously at the squid, and the rounded face was very cute. Dad Chen Xiao is careful to protect the little stars, very warm heart.

When the netizens yelled at the same time, they also reminded Chen Xiao and Chen Yuxi to take the little stars to participate in the parent-child program. . Chen Yuxi also revealed that there are indeed many invitations, but they have been rejected by her. Do you want to let the little stars be exposed and still thinking.

Star parents are willing to spend a lot of time with children on recordings, and they like to understand the cuteness and sensibility of their children.

But don't want your child to be exposed to the camera too early, or even unwilling to expose any news, why not another kind of fist.

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