Jia Nailiang issued a "one person" and then more blog, the text is very meaningful.

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Jia Nailiang issued a "one person" and then more blog, the text is very meaningful.

2018-12-07 00:25:03 99 ℃

In the past two years, Jia Nailiang’s life was very bad. It’s hard to calm down. I didn’t expect Li Yutong’s accident to hurt Xue Zhiqian’s material, and the result was pushed to the masses. With all sorts of rumors about him flying around, in desperation, he confessed that he was a very good person and hoped that he would not be involved again.

Fortunately, he did not lose confidence in the online world, retreat or how, but from time to time to update the dynamics, still sharing some with the netizens Everyday, holding a cat selfie,

Obligation to visit the elderly in a nursing home,

< p> Or is it to pack a nine-square grid to send out one's own daily life, not the same as the previous style of snoring, now it is more meaningful to see his daily life.

Today, he sent a set of his own photos, the text is very meaningful.

Photos Li Jia is bright in black, and his head is out of the mirror, giving people a very tough guy.

The side is sharp and angular, and there is a handsome in the tough guy. Telling the truth, the previous Jia Nailiang still has a greasy feeling, and now it has disappeared, replaced by a full manly flavor.

This chin tip can poke people, it seems that it is also busy shooting and losing a lot.

A netizen read the message and said that he was distressed by Jia Nailiang. He felt no smile and his eyes were different.

In addition to the hard photos, the feelings vary greatly. From his essay "In this world, only the inner meaning of the mind can make the soul bloom" I can feel a lot worse than the tone of his previous conversation.

A few words, implied. Perhaps what he said to himself, facing the short-term flow of the outside world, only his own soul is strong enough to resist; perhaps it is a sentiment to a series of recent events. In short, the feeling is that he has become more practical and mature. It is.

The netizens have encouraged their messages under Weibo, and it’s hard. There is always a little bit of goodwill in the world. Maybe this is why Jia Nailiang is willing to stay on Weibo.

It can be seen that Jia Nailiang is still very hard at life, I hope everyone will give him more space, so come on!