Fan Bingbing appeared in the studio, looking awkward, a bit blessed

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Fan Bingbing appeared in the studio, looking awkward, a bit blessed

2018-12-07 00:25:03 88 ℃

Recently, some media photographed Fan Bingbing's low-key appearance. After the media encountered Fan Bingbing's car in Beijing's Xinghe Bay, the vehicle drove to an office building opposite SKP.

It can be seen in the photo that Fan Bingbing wears a low ponytail, wears a long black down jacket, and wears sunglasses to bow quickly. Going up to the office building. You can see that Fan Bingbing's face is a bit sloppy, but his face is round and round. The netizens wonder whether it is a recent break at home. Fan Bingbing seems to be a bit blessed?

Fan Bingbing after getting off First stretched out, then quickly walked into the office building. It is reported that Fan Bingbing has not come out after entering the office building. After about 4 hours, Fan Bingbing took the assistant back to the Xinghewan community. At this time, the sky was dark. Later, after another four hours, Fan Bingbing took the time. Car home.

Netizens after the storm Fan Bingbing appeared several times and talked about it: "Whether it comes back, she will always be Fan Bingbing." This is because Fan Bingbing and his mother have been in the studio for 5 hours since the last time on October 19, Fan Bingbing was photographed again. Stay in the studio for 4 hours.

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