Xiong Yulin appeared as a supermodel Qiqi, wearing a belly dress to stand out and highlighting the body, pressing a lot of actresses

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Xiong Yulin appeared as a supermodel Qiqi, wearing a belly dress to stand out and highlighting the body, pressing a lot of actresses

2018-12-07 00:25:02 77 ℃

On December 6th, Ren Dahua’s supermodel wife Qi Qi held the first anniversary of his own clothing brand. A group of friends and actresses in the circle came to support, including Donnie Yen’s wife Wang Shishi, supermodel Zhou Wenxi and others, while Xiong Yulin Because of the traffic jam on the road and other reasons, I finally showed up. For this reason, the surrounding friends ridiculed her as "a latecomer."

In fact, since Xiong Yulin’s twin daughters were born in April this year, Xiong Yulin’s first time as a mother gradually realized that she was a human being. Mother's happiness, often on the social platform to expose the baby's video or photos, the mother's love is flooding, and this time attending Qiqi's anniversary celebration is late, in addition to the cause of traffic jams, Xiong Yulin also explained that he said to tease the children to forget Time, it can be seen how Xiong Yulin loved her daughters.

However, it is worth mentioning that Xiong Yulin’s dress on the day is actually a showless dress that has not been seen for a long time. Not only highlights her perfect body, but also makes people feel full of vitality, especially age-reducing, at least 10 years younger, and the same actress with the same actress, even the station C is also slightly "Chi Qi" "Weakness", and even if it is described as "a leader", it is not an exaggeration.

We know that Xiong Yulin has been actively exercising for postpartum recovery, in order to restore her pre-natal posture and even Fainted, this made her husband Guo Kezhen feel distressed, and even had the idea of ​​let Xiong Yulin quietly be a grandmother at home. Of course, Yi Xionglin’s strong character is impossible, and he still insists on exercising. Self-confidence is not easy.

In the interview, Xiong Yulin also said, "My husband doesn't want me to be too tired, and I want to spend more time with my children. But the work can not be lost. It can be seen that Xiong Yulin has his own ideas in his personal consciousness. Perhaps this is why Guo Kezhen appreciates her.

In addition, Xiong Yulin added a lot of thoughts about the child's feelings, saying that he is happy. Very infectious, it must be admitted that after Xiong Yulin became a mother, the whole person was much gentler. In the past, the slightly cold temperament almost disappeared, but it became more mature and full of charm.

It seems that the marriage with Guo Kezhen is a happy start, and it’s no wonder that people have met the right one. Many words that question her marriage are no longer seen, and I hope that Xiong Yulin’s family will become more and more happy, and I wish two lovely twin daughters to grow up healthily and happily.