Cecilia Cheung's "post-natal" latest photo exposure: taking photos with fans, the face is round and quite productive

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Cecilia Cheung's "post-natal" latest photo exposure: taking photos with fans, the face is round and quite productive

2018-12-08 20:25:05 321 ℃

Recently, Hong Kong media exposed Cecilia Cheung to produce a third child. For Cecilia Cheung's three-child rumor, Cecilia Cheung denied that she went to the hospital to see a doctor, and Cecilia Cheung's former father-in-law Xie Xian and her ex-husband Xie Weifeng both said that they did not know, although Xie Xian did not know, but still asked reporters to bless. Cecilia Cheung's three-born father is who is controversial. The Hong Kong media was initially exposed to a 65-year-old Singaporean businessman. Cecilia Cheung did travel to Singapore this year. Later, the Hong Kong media was exposed to a very wealthy mainland businessman. The wealthy businessmen regard the two sons of Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse as they are, and get along very well.

For the Hong Kong media, Cecilia Cheung himself has not responded. On December 2, Cecilia Cheung also took his second son and Hong Kong. A beautiful writer eats, and the beauty writer also took photos with Cecilia Cheung and Cecilia Cheung. Cecilia Cheung wears sunglasses and wears her hair. When she takes a group photo, she is more happy than V. Afterwards, the media contacted the beautiful writer, who said that she did not know about Cecilia Cheung’s third child news. She stressed that Cecilia Cheung’s status is not like having just given birth to a child. After all, just having a baby will not come out to play so soon. The beauty writer also said that she did not find that Cecilia Cheung had a new relationship.

The response of this beautiful writer is only a personal point of view. After all, not every child will have a month, especially if the star does not sit on the moon and work quickly. Very much. The key to these rumors is that Cecilia Cheung’s personal response can calm down. However, Cecilia Cheung himself has not responded, resulting in this incident being continuously discussed by netizens.

After meeting with beautiful writers, Cecilia Cheung returned home, rarely went out, and many reporters outside the house waited . The reporters all hoped to get Cecilia Cheung's personal response, but did not wait for Cecilia Cheung, but Zhang Kezhi, the younger brother of Cecilia Cheung. Zhang Haolong drove to the door of Cecilia Cheung's house. He did not answer the reporter's question. He just said, "(I have come to see you (the reporters)." Then he turned his car and galloped away. Zhang Haolong’s answer made the reporters feel incredible. Could it be that Cecilia Cheung sent his younger brother to “monitor” the reporters waiting outside the door?

However, Cecilia Cheung, who rarely went out, went out again on December 8. On December 8th, a carnival was held in a community in Hong Kong. Cecilia Cheung appeared in the event. Fans found Zhang Kezhi and sought a group photo. Cecilia Cheung also agreed to fans and generously took photos with fans.

This time, Cecilia Cheung remains Wearing sunglasses and wearing a gray cold hat on his head. Although some of the faces were covered with sunglasses, it was still possible to see that Cecilia Cheung’s face was mellow, and the Hong Kong media could not help but speculate that there were signs of production.

After taking a photo with Cecilia Cheung, the fans happily posted the photo on the social network and praised Cecilia Cheung himself very kindly. The news of "three births" has been spread for many days. I hope that Cecilia Cheung can respond early. If it is really born, netizens will naturally wish to open a new life. If there is no birth, one sentence can calm down the public opinion. There is no need to play again. This kind of "cat and mouse hide and hide" game.