Lin updated into the most grounded gas star, black powder until dawn, fans: Ganbai downwind!

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Lin updated into the most grounded gas star, black powder until dawn, fans: Ganbai downwind!

2018-12-08 20:25:08 148 ℃

We all know that Lin Update is a young actor. The acting is still very good and can be recognized by many viewers. He was well known for his role in "Step by Step," and since then his career has been going smoothly. However, many people pay attention to him not to strength, but his character.

He is a very funny actor, maybe other young actors want to make a little cold idol However, he is not the same as the style of others. He is very grounded and often brings a lot of joy to everyone. He always uses his unique soul to give you countless surprises.

A lot of fans ridiculed that watching his TV series is better to see his Weibo, because it is really fun, style Always go wrong. Other actors are good-looking photos of self-portraits, but he is turning Weibo into a circle of friends, and the style of painting is very strange. Fans feel that they are willing to go down

The fans all say that the appearance of Lin’s update is very handsome, but it’s a silky Heart, there is nothing wrong with this. If you can't understand or understand him, then go to see his Weibo, there must be an unexpected surprise. His Weibo content is either cooking or being black or swearing, but it is a bit of joy.

Before Jiang Jinfu was violently rioted, many people are vomiting him. Of course, it is understandable, no one wants to see home. The occurrence of violence. But everyone does not understand the truth of the matter, so there is no way to judge. But knowing his friends knows who he is, so there are quite a few stars who speak.

The first is that Hu Ge posted on Weibo that he was wrong and wrong. He missed the teenager who was in the sunshine. . Then Hu Ge said that he was feeling after drinking too much, and he had to say that Hu Ge’s position is still very high. Then Lin update said on his Weibo: "Seven years have passed!"

Because everyone is at home The storm is very sensitive, so I feel that he is standing at Jiang Jinfu for Lin’s speech. So many people made malicious speculations on him, and later brought the forest update to the hot search. However, Lin updated himself and felt wronged, so he immediately sent a Weibo: "What happened to me? I Nima."

He is also very straightforward, and he must rebut if he feels wronged. Then the picture is: "I often don't fit in with you because I don't have enough metamorphosis." Some fans ridiculed him if he had no money to withdraw his search. His answer was: "The situation is very difficult, you can only tear yourself." It is really interesting. The soul is not wrong!

In fact, Lin update often goes to black powder on his own. Some fans say that Lin update has injured the fans to visit. The broker feared that everyone would not let go of it, but Lin renewed himself and said that he was injured on Weibo to comfort and hug. Even at 3:30 in the morning, it was still dark, until dawn, a little cute!

The attitude of Lin’s update to black powder has always been you, I will marry you, but I will report it. . Lin update is really a fun soul. His performance in the face of cyber attacks is very optimistic. It is a "silly dog" right! Lin updated into the most grounded gas star, black powder until dawn, fans: Ganbai downwind!