Guan Ying sun three children in front of the Christmas tree, the three fetuses have been three months old, sitting like a big cockroach

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Guan Ying sun three children in front of the Christmas tree, the three fetuses have been three months old, sitting like a big cockroach

2018-12-10 20:25:09 142 ℃

There are a lot of female artists in the entertainment industry who are striving for their careers at a young age. At the age of the flowering, they are married and have children, and they are more focused on their careers. Not even the girl star has given birth to three children, such as Sun Li, Jia Jingwen, Zhong Lizhen, Guan Yue, and also related to Ying.

Now, Guan Ying’s life is almost all around three children, saying that the sun is crazy. Not too much. I feel that Guan Ying's three children are almost over, and we see that the children's daily life is also very rich, learning cooking, painting, attending kindergarten activities, and being trained from a young age.

But it’s easy to take care of three children!

On December 10, Guan Ying drew a photo of three children and said that she had previously been to Christmas. The festival is not feeling, because the children, fell in love with this holiday, mothers can really change a lot for a family. Guan Ying also said that today's younger brother is three months old. I want to cry when I think of it. In fact, I am already the happiest mother. But there is an inexplicable little sentimentality. I don't know how I walked here.

Although women are very pregnant and have a hard time, Guan Ying is indeed the happiest mother.

As everyone knows, she is a Taiwanese socialite, her family is very rich, her married husband is also very good to her, and later gave birth to a child, certainly does not need her to take care of everything, do not need to go to nine nights Five are pregnant to work, do not have to worry about the economic problems at home, as long as the child is born with peace of mind, naturally there will be family and babysitters, and lived into the envy of countless women.

Guan Ying is the favorite to take pictures of children. The younger brother's name is DD, born on September 10, so it is just three months, it is too fast! It was so small when I came out of my mother's stomach, and now I have grown up a lot. The younger brother dressed so cute, chubby body, red plaid shirt, with a bear-like coat, it was so cute. DD's food is too good, double chin super steals the mirror, and the flesh on the cheeks is also pulled down, lying on the sofa, it is completely stunned!

DD also grabbed CC’s sister’s finger, very close relatives, and it’s still the opposite sex!

The younger brother also yawned, and he couldn’t help but hit the boat. So far, scientists can’t explain it. Why is yawning infected?

CC is sitting on the sofa, it will pose, PhiPhi is always in a state, so cute!

Sisters and sisters are particularly fond of the third child, and they also kissed DD together, DD, pity, want to sit a little bit No way, can only wave small hands, haha!

Then PhiPhi ran away and played.

Sister continues to come with my brother The picture is really good and love! There are three such sensible children, and the mother is content!

I still thought that DD's eyes were not as big as my brother and sister, so big.

But after three months of growth, he used his strength to prove that he can also be very big, is a pro My brother is right! Children’s eyes will be very aura.

May the children's face value become more and more cute, happy Christmas!