Chen Yufan was first swearing after taking drugs: One love

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Chen Yufan was first swearing after taking drugs: One love

2018-12-11 10:25:21 158 ℃


Chen Yufan’s company’s master entertainment has just issued a statement denying that the net exposure of Chen Yufan’s drug abuse has been arrested. The false rumors, the statement said "" Mr. Chen Yufan has been focusing on music creation. "And said that "for the rumors of Mr. Chen Yufan and the spread of rumors of various implementations, our company strongly condemned. "", then Chen Yufan also sent a microblogging, can be described as a rumor of breaking the truth, Chen Yufan's microblogging content is concise, with the text "One love", plus a love.

Although Chen Yufan’s response is short, but short and powerful, netizens’ comments have always believed you, and the rumors ended. The wise man also asks netizens not to believe in rumors and not to spread rumors. Chen Yufan’s statement from the company’s master entertainment said that “the future will also give back to you with more excellent works”, I hope that netizens can pay more attention to Chen Yufan. On the music works.

Chen Yufan’s "One love" this time, fans familiar with him must know his past Weibo It has been used many times. This can also indicate Chen Yufan’s mentality after the incident of being rumored. The netizens commented and met with Chen Yufan.