Who is Zhang Ruonan? The whole network is checking her information, just because Wang Sicong’s concern

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Who is Zhang Ruonan? The whole network is checking her information, just because Wang Sicong’s concern

2018-12-11 20:25:09 486 ℃

Wang Sicong has a special magical power that has been vividly reflected in recent times. For example, the hot dog was brought to him by fire, and now there is one thing about everyone. Girls who don’t know.

Before, as long as there are girls who have had contact with Wang Sicong, they must not run all kinds of scandals because There are too many such things, and Wang Sicong’s image is what everyone knows. But today is not the same, a girl he is concerned about, everyone has not been rumored.

Things have to start from a hot search today, as long as there is a girl who has contact with Wang Sicong, Weibo The title of the blog will definitely not be the case. Is it that Weibo is now modified? Maybe everyone will not change this!

When Wang Sicong and a certain girl had a gossip on the hot search, there is only one concern in today’s hot search. "You must be curious. Who is this girl named Zhang Ruonan?"

Zhen Ruonan and Wang Sicong have no gossip. Now everyone is brushing a piece of content, that is, Wang Sicong’s vision is good, all in Said how good Miss Zhang Ruolin is.

Wang Sicong’s eyes are good, let’s look at this group of photos, let’s not say Zhang Ruonan Miss Sister is really good-looking, pure and let Xiaobian have a feeling of first love.

Since Miss Zhang Ruolin is so good-looking, everyone must be very curious. Here Xiaobian also found some basic information.

He was born in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province in November 1996. He graduated from Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology. As early as 2015, I also won the top 30 girls in the campus! .

After Zhang Ruonan became a treasure model, this image is temperament, I have to say that this is true. Very reluctant, don't you think?

In fact, everyone should thank Luo Jing and Guo Jingming for discovering Zhang Ruonan and Gu Senxi, "Sadness Flows into the River" It is proof.

Now that Wang Sicong is concerned about Zhang Ruonan, this girl is really good and looks good. The potential is good, what do you think?

Yes, Xiaobian saw this photo when he was in the information of Zhang Ruolin. It’s not appropriate to come out, forget it, no matter what, let’s give it to everyone first.