Yang Mi’s father’s daughter’s beautiful face, the girl’s power, the facial features, and the present is no different.

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Yang Mi’s father’s daughter’s beautiful face, the girl’s power, the facial features, and the present is no different.

2018-12-13 10:25:01 273 ℃

On December 12th, a magazine produced a group of fashion films featuring Beijing Big Girl. Representatives of Beijing actress Xu Qing, Xu Jinglei and Yang Mi have all appeared.

Compared with Xu Jinglei of the intellectual fan and Xu Qing, who has a mature style, Yang Mi’s prints on the whole body are more biased The street is young and young, and it has a sense of ingenuity.

It may be that this group of big movies has touched, and Yang Mi’s father also has a real “Beijing Hutong Da Niu” "Green onions. In the girlhood, Yang Mi wore a white coat with hands on his hips, keeping short hair, three-dimensional three-dimensional, fair-skinned, quietly looking at the camera, from childhood is a beautiful billet.

The poster behind the HOT combination is also very stealthy. It turns out that the big power in the forefront of fashion has been chasing stars since childhood. The pursuit is still the Korean wave combination that was popular in Asia. The taste is very good!

Aside from the external factors such as makeup and styling, from the similar photos of this angle, the facial features of Yang Mi girlhood There is almost no difference with the present, the curvature of the nose and chin... even the clear eyes are exactly the same.

Sure enough, the true beauty who can make a splash in the entertainment industry is a natural beauty.

Children’s debut of Yang Mi’s entire process from childhood to the beginning of a girl’s beginning to becoming a wife and a mother is recorded in the lens.

When the Beijing video teaching video was exposed, many people praised Yang Mi as a doll, big eyes and big eyes, Little cocky nose, hair curled up, cute and cute.

Adolescent girl, Yang Mi has tried long hair, then the hairline is still there, how to see how it is a A little girl.

When the magazine was modeled, the little girl opened and was slim, but the face bones were also more obvious than when I was young. Especially the mandible, slowly becoming more like Yang Dad.

Insert a photo of Yang Mi’s father here:

Even if the mandible is deformed, the Yang Mi of this period is still very beautiful. The figure of cooperation with Chen Kun, the girl’s feelings come, even if it is not the goose face that the audience is used to. Does not affect the mirror at all.

The time of Guo Yan is similar, and the still-free PS still is very eye-catching.

After taking Guo Wei, I shot Wang Zhaojun, Yan value is called the peak before "Sword", Qiao Xiaoqian, In ancient costumes and bangs, how to look beautiful.

After the "Palace" burst, the power of the big step has become a familiarity to the audience. Occasionally, the power of a girl with a half-ball head is occasionally immersed in a long-developed and light-hearted female style.

The shape of Beijing Hutong’s big girl is really rare, but fortunately she grew up in the hutong. Controlled such a fancy shape.

It’s a pity that the style can be more and more retro, but the youth can’t look back. Do you prefer Yang Mi in the girlhood or her now in the gas field?