Andy Lau was exposed to deceiving investors. Many men took to the streets to protest.

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Andy Lau was exposed to deceiving investors. Many men took to the streets to protest.

2018-12-13 10:25:02 262 ℃

The upcoming December 15th is the official opening time of Andy Lau’s New Year’s concert. Recently, Andy Lau is also closely arranging singing and new dances for the concert, striving to bring fans a perfect concert experience.

However, this year, Andy Lau’s luck is indeed unspeakable, and the Hummer’s injury will not be said. Earlier, Andy Lau sang. At the time of the sale, there was a serious incident of injury at the ticketing site. On the occasion of the concert, Andy Lau’s graphic company was provoked again, and the concert was also involved in investment fraud.

Recently, some media reported the rumors of the accusation of fraud by Andy Lau’s Graphic Arts Company. At the same time, some netizens have recently In Hong Kong's Kowloon Bay, a number of men wearing masks were photographed, and they were standing with banners and cards that wrote "Ying Yi Company, I also have hard-earned money" and "Andy Lau Ying Ying Company has no morality and no trust". Street protests, the picture is very conspicuous.

The netizen said that these men were very early to pull the banner, pointing to the Andy Lau company, netizens I was interested in asking the details. I didn’t expect the man to say a word and refused to disclose the details. In addition, the netizen revealed that the four corners of the street were hung with banners, but there were not many people watching. Several men just stood there pulling the banner and did not take any further action.

According to Taiwanese media reports, Company A sued Andy Lau’s Yingyi Company, and the two companies were previously concerted The guest also signed an investment agreement. Later, the company's title trademark was deleted for no reason, and the company was directly in violation of the investment transfer agreement. The cooperation was suddenly terminated and the previous investment amount was also confiscated.

To this end, Company A said that he was very convinced and suspected that Andy Lau’s Yingyi Company had the possibility of fraud. A representative of the art company was also filed a criminal complaint by Company A, and came to the place where the Andy Lau company was in the banner. At present, the whole thing is still under trial. And Liu Dehua has not yet responded. Anyway, I hope I can know soon. the truth.