Hu Xing's son visited the class, and the aunts competed for a group photo, and the little guy's face value rose again!

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Hu Xing's son visited the class, and the aunts competed for a group photo, and the little guy's face value rose again!

2018-12-13 20:25:05 143 ℃

There are many very amazing female stars in the entertainment circle. To be honest, Hu Xing'er is not the most beautiful one. The appearance is not so outstanding, but the value of her son is in the second generation. It is one of the best. Of course, other babies are also very cute, but Brendan is more cute and looks better! Even the people who eat melons are given to the children by the children in minutes. Hu Xinger said that more and more fans are concerned about her, but many of them are sons.

Recently, some netizens have exposed the photos of Hu Xing’s son and said: Why are you so cute and chubby, Brendan visits the class!

It is estimated that the family brought Brendan to visit the mother Hu Xianger, and then Brendan is particularly popular, everyone is competing to take a photo with him! Today Brendan is a little superstar!

Brendan is already over a year old, but now he is already walking. This child is really young and handsome, and the value is too high. Even when it is blinking, it is so cute when it is captured! Brendan's clothes are very personal. The hat behind them seems to be very big. They are about to cover their buttocks. They can also see the English word "Lee". When the child is not born, the family calls him "baby Lee", so it is very It is possible that this pair of trousers was specially made for him. Before Brendan had a bib and his name. The Brendan hat was particularly cool and slanted, and the face was so fat that it was as round as the bear on the hat. He also laughed out a few small deciduous teeth, and he was almost crying.

Another Miss sister also shared a photo with Brendan. Brendan's eyes are so big, clear and bright, it's the little bear on the hat, so it's a self-portrait. Brendan was in her arms by her sister. It was very well-behaved. Looking at the top with her eyes, I don’t know what interesting things I saw? !

I thought that Brendan was good enough when I was a child. I didn’t expect the value of the face to rise to the next level! I am very curious as to which girl will be so lucky in the future to become Brendan's girlfriend and be spoiled by him!

It is estimated that there are other aunts who have taken photos with Brendan and may not have sunburned. In short, children like Brendan are so beautiful, no matter where they go, they will become the focus and will be favored!

Whenever a nonsense sister gathers together, he will take a photo with Brendan. The aunts will also teach him to speak Cantonese, speak English, speak Shanghainese, and be especially enthusiastic and funny. Brendan is a beautiful woman from the side of her, and she will have it when she grows up!

A few days ago, the child Dad also shared Brendan's squatting on the sofa. He said that he grew up and became more and more mischievous and may have been criticized. Naughty children are the smartest, but don't kill Brendan's nature!

I hope that I can have a chance to see the dynamic Brendan, which must be more lively and lovable! If you can participate in a parent-child variety show, it must be excellent!