Jiang Xin wore a short skirt to attend the event, netizen: This leg is too fine!

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Jiang Xin wore a short skirt to attend the event, netizen: This leg is too fine!

2018-12-14 10:25:02 152 ℃

Jiang Xin was photographed at the airport last month. Everyone found that the girl had dyed a yellow hair, and the coat on her body was almost a hue. But, this bright color is still not easy to try, Jiang Xin's hair changed, it seems not only slightly earthy, but also exposed the hair of the donkey.

Fortunately, the khaki hair did not last long. Recently, Jiang Xin went to an event and everyone found that she dyed her hair back deep. Color, I feel temperament up. Also praise, Jiang Xin's skin is really white, the crowd is simply shining.

Vision China’s lens has always been strict, but in the case of high-definition close-up, Jiang Xin’s face, from any angle, There are almost no shortcomings. Not much nonsense, please ask the niece to hand over your skin care secrets!

In addition to the skin condition, everyone is very concerned about Jiang Xin's body. In the entertainment circle, Zheng Shuang fat and Jiang Xin lost weight, has been the two major topics that everyone loves to discuss. From Jiang Xin's own intensive map, it is definitely thin, especially the legs that can't be ignored by these legs, which are thin and straight. It is the ideal perfect leg shape.

The comments on Jiang Xin's figure are completely divided into two factions. One side said that she was a lot thinner and said that she was too fat. I doubt that everyone is seeing the same person? ? ?

The refinement map will definitely have a heavier late component, but it has never been seen from the p-picture, and the leg type does not look good after p , but it can be regarded as a thin leg. After identification, the maiden's efforts to lose weight are really effective!

After all, turn around Jiang Xin's Weibo and see what she eats every day. If this is not thin, it is simply no reason. Yeah!

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