I started to show love in disguise, I can’t believe they have been together for 14 years.

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I started to show love in disguise, I can’t believe they have been together for 14 years.

2018-12-14 20:25:10 204 ℃

All said that the couple in love are sprinkled with sugar, and they want Ami to say that sugar is still old and sweet. In the past two days, I was too late to be loved by Cai Shaofen and Zhang Jin.

Recently, a video clip was circulating on the Internet. Zhang Jin said in the video: "No one else said, I am afraid that Chongqing people will speak Mandarin and others (deceptive), I don’t fear if I’m not afraid, I’m afraid that Cai Shaofen can speak Mandarin.”

Zhang Jin’s Tucao is also Very funny, under the hot brush of netizens, #Zhang Jin is afraid that Cai Shaofen’s topic of Putonghua # will also occupy the hottest position. And the interesting netizens who are not too big are still Ai Te, Cai Shaofen, who did not expect to get a response from the deity.

Cai Shaofen said on Weibo : "... It seems that someone is alive soon!¥&$#+% is also equipped with A screenshot of Weibo Hot Search.

The netizen saw that Cai Shaofen responded and did not hold back to participate, so there was a comment like this:

"Go back to him and speak Mandarin, scare him." This comment is inexplicable. What is the picture?

Return to the truth, Cai Shaofen’s response makes people feel that the fierceness reveals cuteness. Loved Zhang Jin for 14 years, married 10 years can still be so small, really sweet. However, in retrospect, it is really not easy for Cai Shaofen and Zhang Jin to go to today.

Cai Shaofen was the TVB's ambassador in the past, and it was the TVB's ace TV series "Quit Royal Court 5".

After that, he won the best actress of TVB Thousand Stars with his "Hands of Heart".

When she and Zhang Jin were together, Zhang Jin was still an unknown Chinese mainland, such a combination It must not be optimistic about the outside world. But even then, Cai Shaofen firmly chose Zhang Jin. In 2007, Cai Shaofen sent an open letter to the Hong Kong media.

In the letter, Cai Shaofen admitted that he was in love. He also said that he had decided to get married. He even introduced Zhang Jin to everyone. He used a lot of praise words and was handsome and handsome. And it is both civil and military...

Ami helps everyone pick this out, everyone can feel it ↓↓↓

"You must know who is my husband. He and I have known each other for four and a half years. He is handsome and handsome... He is called Zhang Jin. You must know what I like about him? I love him and he is full of sincerity, wholeheartedly, loyal to friends, serious about work, right. Not to mention me..."

A year later, Cai Shaofen and Zhang Jinxi tied together, but It’s more to hear the sounds that are not good for them. The media's name for Zhang Jin has always been Cai Shaofen's husband, which is undoubtedly the biggest stab wound on a man's self-esteem.

In the face of these gossips, Zhang Jin and Cai Shaofen both topped down, and Zhang Jin proved it with action. Cai Shaofen did not choose the wrong person.

Zhang Jin, who has been working quietly, finally won the best male match in 2014 by Zhang Jin with his "Master of the Master".

When the award was won, Zhang Jin’s first sentence was: I want to thank my wife, Cai Shaofen, Yes, my wife is Cai! less! Fen!

also said to everyone on the scene and the audience in front of the TV: "Many people say that I rely on her, yes. The happiness of my life is to rely on her! On the wedding day, we said that we must have the same road, but now the wind and rain have already existed, I hope there are more scenery, we will go together."

This is probably the case that Zhang Jin has been most like to tell Cai Shaofen for so many years. He also wants to tell everyone that Cai Shaofen at the awards ceremony is on stage. Touched by a mess.

This is true love, because you and I are willing to bear rumors, and I am willing to work hard for you and me. Prove to those who are not optimistic about us, you are wrong.

Cai Shaofen and Zhang Jin’s daily life is always sweet. Cai Shaofen confessed how handsome her husband is, and until now, sending Zhang Jin to the airport is as difficult as a couple in love, and reluctantly photographed her husband's back.

Zhang Jin is not as good at expression as Cai Shaofen, but he is willing to do a lot for Cai Shaofen. Things, such as the rabbit girl teasing Cai Shaofen happy.

Women's wear with his wife, Cai Shaofen.

A person who dares to express with love, a silent action with love, is silently paying for each other, this may be They still love the reason for the original for so many years. I hope that Cai Shaofen and Zhang Jin can always have such love, and hope that the little fairies can be as happy as they are.