Li Ruojun spit the little dragon girl, bluntly dislikes Wang Yuzhen, the audience: but this is the classic

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Li Ruojun spit the little dragon girl, bluntly dislikes Wang Yuzhen, the audience: but this is the classic

2018-12-15 00:25:12 247 ℃

In Li Ruoxuan’s acting career, there are two roles that cannot be ignored. One is the little dragon girl in the "God of the Condor Heroes", and the other one is Wang Yuyu in "Dragons and Eight", many people say that now see this The two dramas will think of Li Ruoxuan, showing how deeply her two roles are.

But for Li Ruoxi himself, it’s not polite to spit these two roles, I think the role of Little Dragon Girl It’s very difficult, but it’s also very enjoyable, because it’s like a roller coaster when it’s hanging.

And Li Ruoxuan does not have a good impression on Wang Yuxi’s role, because Wang Yuxi’s personality problems and Li Ruoxi’s own feelings There was a bit of conflict in the point of view. She personally spoke in a program that said, "I didn't like Wang Yuxi when I was in the performance." This made the surrounding guests very surprised. Some people even said that they didn't like Wang Yuxi, and they were still Li Ruoxi himself.

In Li Ruoxi’s opinion, Wang Yuyu in the play is only beautiful, and has no personality at all, so it is just silly. Desperately pinned all hopes on his cousin. It seems that there is no one who deserves her need and trust in addition to her cousin. In contrast, her cousin’s attitude toward Wang Yuxi is very poor.

Huang Rihua’s "Dragon", Li Ruoxuan starred in three roles in the play, namely Wang Yuzhen, Mann The hostess of Tuoshanzhuang, one of Duan Zhengxuan's mistresses, Wang Yuxi's mother Li Qingluo, and finally the Xiaoyao disciple and the uncle's little sister Qi Yufeng, but among these characters, Wang Yuxi is the most photographed and protagonist, but Li Ruozhen However, Wang Yuzhen is considered to be the least favorite.

From the conversation of Li Ruoxuan, Wang Yuxi’s role seems to directly affect her feelings, because Li Ruoxi thinks that When I was young, I wanted to find someone I loved very much. After I grew up, I would like to find someone who loves me a little more and would feel happier. The audience also commented that "Wang Yuzhen seems to have never lived himself."

But in view of the fact that Li Ruoxuan played at the time, the audience didn’t bother to spit. I didn’t expect that the deity actually ended up in person. The biggest flaw of Wang Yuxi is also very admirable, because few people vomit their own role is not good. However, despite this, Wang Yuzhen still has a lot of followers, probably because it is Li Ruojun.

And Li Ruoxuan also said that the two characters Xiaoyong and Wang Yuzhen who starred in Mr. Jin Yong’s work are their own luck, but For the audience, it is a kind of luck to have such a lively character. Which of the characters do you think Li Ruoxi likes most?