Wang Yang first publicly married, and his wife is a younger sister, who starred in "The Eighteen-Year Sky"!

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Wang Yang first publicly married, and his wife is a younger sister, who starred in "The Eighteen-Year Sky"!

2018-12-15 20:25:14 321 ℃

In the variety show "I am an actor", Wang Yang has won a lot of audiences for his close-knit life and natural and simple acting skills. In the finals, facing the popularity of the Tusongyan family of three, Wang Yang also admitted that he had been last year. Stepping into the palace of marriage, my wife is my sister at the Shanghai Theatre Academy, but I didn’t say the name of my wife. So many fans are very curious about which goddess captured the strength and value of Wang Yang. !

This morning, Wang Yang disclosed his wedding photo for the first time on Weibo, and @了高斯, Therefore, the mysterious veil of Wang Yang’s wife is finally revealed~

In the wedding photo published by Wang Yang, Wang Yang The smile is lazy and warm, and the wife, Gauss, looks at her sweetly, and can feel the sweetness of the two men across the screen~

Wang Yang, born in 1978, has now entered the threshold of forty years old, but his appearance is still handsome and handsome, and he is a male god, while Gossip is 4 years younger than Wang Yang. In the wedding photos of the two, Gauss is a bird looking like a man~

Different from other popular stars The high-profile of the world, and the grandeur of the wedding, Wang Yang and Goss registered quietly last year, and even today’s public wedding photos are a quiet look: everyone’s blessings are good, not too many people’s attention or hinder!

Before "I am an actor", use "not warm" to describe Wang Yang's situation in the circle It’s a good fit, but Wang Yang’s wife, Gauss, seems to be less familiar. But in fact, Gauss starred in the popular idol drama "The Eighteen-Year Sky" in 2002. In the play, Wang Hao was extremely insecure because of the lack of family care from childhood. So she longs for independence, eager to earn more money, and with the help of the teacher, has the right values!

In the drama "The Song of Everlasting Sorrow", Gauss also starred in the daughter of the heroine Wang Qiyao, Wang Weiwei, a pure, Juan Li, but there is never a beautiful girl of her mother~

Gauss is pure and highly recognizable, but in The beauty of the beauty of the cloud entertainment circle is not too picky, coupled with resources can not keep up, on the screen is mostly a supporting role, in "Mother's War", Gauss played a character rebellious, dare to love and hate, The kind-hearted girl Ma Juan~

In the TV series "Infiltration", Gauss is rare in the villain "Zhao Zhi "A corner ~

After 2014, after starring in the inspirational film "Encourage the Romance", Gauss will no longer appear in film and television works. In recent years, I have been starring in dramas! On the stage of "I am an actor", Wang Yang also frankly hopes to go further in the next life. As soon as there is a family of three like Tu Songyan, now Wang Yang gets more attention because of "I am an actor". There are even a lot of producer directors who are full of praise for their acting skills. I believe that Wang Yang will have many opportunities to participate in good works, and Goss now puts more energy on the family, "Men. In addition, the female host is also very compromised! Finally, I wish that Wang Yang and Gauss are happy and happy for a hundred years!