Wu Yuli became a mother! Buy a cold medicine for the little dragon girl, send a letter to thank life every day

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Wu Yuli became a mother! Buy a cold medicine for the little dragon girl, send a letter to thank life every day

2018-12-15 20:25:18 367 ℃

On December 15th, Hong Kong media brought the latest news of Wu Zhuolin's family. Some reporters photographed Wu Xiaoli, who hurriedly drove out and turned to be a mother to go to a pharmacy to buy cold medicine. Wu Yuli's mental state is good, just like before. To the reporters have deliberately avoided, there is no expression on the face, is it that the little dragon girl is sick when she returns home?

Wu Xiaoli went out and wore a usual Seeing the black-rimmed glasses, the performance of the hair is still quite young. After Wu Xiaolin’s return to the house, Wu Xiaoli should have no worry. This time, it’s a bit strange. Wu Xiaoli rushed to the pharmacy to buy a cold medicine. It seems that Wu Yuli I haven’t been in contact with my daughter for a long time, and my feelings are still deep.

In the face of reporters’ questions, Wu Xiaoli is closed. Not to mention, after talking about Wu Zhuolin’s owing to rent, Wu Xiaoli also said “not to talk, don’t talk about it”, and then drove directly to take care of the little dragon girl. Compared with the previous state of Wu Xiaoli, today’s appearance is much better. .

In the morning of this morning, Wu Yuli is in the micro Bo has exposed the latest developments, and the text is "Yesterday's things are put down, today's things are done well, tomorrow's things are counted again, thank God Father for every day." It seems that for Wu Zhuolin and his family affairs, Wu Xiaoli has basically Putting it down, I am still very enthusiastic about life, and now my daughter can return to her side, it is the most thankful to the Father.

The dynamic one immediately got the support of netizens. It is said that she is "the best mother" and "every day is ok." Indeed, Wu has experienced a lot of things in the past year, and she has understood a lot and gradually changed.

When Wu Zhuolin was driven out of the hotel yesterday due to rent arrears, Fortunately, Wu Yuli rushed to help in time, a good solution, Wu Zhuolin also took the opportunity to return to her mother's residence, the family reunited together, it can be regarded as a relatively satisfactory result.

Wu Yuli has recently taken a new job I began to slowly recover from the previous busyness. Now that the family has reunited, it can be said that it is another good start. I hope that Wu Zhuolin will be obedient and eager to make a career.