70-year-old Liang Xiaolong self-exposed to derail the small 30-year-old girlfriend? Apprentice rumor: the teacher was stolen

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70-year-old Liang Xiaolong self-exposed to derail the small 30-year-old girlfriend? Apprentice rumor: the teacher was stolen

2018-12-16 00:25:01 225 ℃

The famous generation of martial arts stars, Hong Kong actor Liang Xiaolong has many popular roles, such as "Chen Zhen" is one of them, and the most familiar to the audience is the "fire cloud evil spirit" in Stephen Chow's "Kung Fu", This role makes the image of Liang Xiaolong's bald rags and shirts widely known.

Gang Xiaolong, 70 years old, also has an account on his personal social platform, and usually counts It is more active, and the 70-year-old Liang Xiaolong seems to be "old and strong", and has not announced the video, but also has a play, and recently it has been active in Hengdian.

But this afternoon, Liang Xiaolong suddenly released a Weibo, saying "This time I went to Hengdian to film, Laughing my wife and taking you with you, this is more than 24 hours a day with you, is too happy, huh? What's happening here? Is this the rhythm of the "fire cloud evil spirits" self-exposed derailment?

Liang Xiaolong also said, "If you don't have to film, you will take you to Wenzhou." I have been raising you for so many years. You have always called me my husband. As long as you are happy, let me do whatever I want." "All the friends around me know your existence, this time I will take you to film, too. Just let people know that you are my woman, in order to accommodate you... I can't live without you, for you, I can not have family wife and children, although I am more than thirty years older than you, but as long as you don't leave me, each I am willing to spend a lot of money on you in the month.

When I saw this, I was already thinking about eating the melons. Liang Xiaolong’s public confession of the "Little Three" is different. In his thirties, and for her, Liang Xiaolong claimed to be able to give up "family, children", "what is the willingness to spend"... Huoyun evil spirits, really a generation of masters, this is too bloody.

This minute is the rhythm of the self-exposed track, but this microblog was sent out and it was deleted. Later, Liang Xiaolong’s apprentice came out to blame. It is said that Liang Xiaolong’s account was stolen a month ago, but Liang Xiaolong didn’t care. At the time, who knew that there was such a big mess, Liang Xiaolong also claimed to use the law.

The fire and evil spirits are still the "fire cloud evil spirits", eat melons and people, they will be scattered.

However, Liang Xiaolong’s love story is worth talking about.

Be aware that Liang Xiaolong’s first wife is Li Ailian, a female singer of Hong Kong’s famous pop song from the 1960s to the 1970s, and a Chinese-English mixed-race. When she was young, she lost a large group of people and eventually Was picked up by Liang Xiaolong, but now the "fire cloud evil spirits" has come out of this file?

Remember that Liang Xiaolong had a hard time welcoming Li Ailian, but Li Ailian was once disfigured by the gangsters, and then Liang Xiaolong spent a lot of money without healing. Then the two chose to divorce.

Later Xiaolong later met his second wife, Song Yu, and his second wife gave him a pair. Children, this second wife is more than 20 years younger than Liang Xiaolong, and two people have also sunburned sweet love photos. This has led many people to think that Liang Xiaolong has finally stopped his heart, and An An has been living with his second wife for a lifetime.