Li Anqi Sun Oli and her brother took a photo in front of the Christmas tree, and the two brothers and sisters were happy and cooperate!

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Li Anqi Sun Oli and her brother took a photo in front of the Christmas tree, and the two brothers and sisters were happy and cooperate!

2018-12-16 10:25:27 236 ℃

Although the end of the year is very cold, for many children, it is a very happy season, especially for Orly and his brother Max. Because Li Anqi grew up in the United States, Western festivals such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are very important to her. These festivals are as grand as the Spring Festival, and she pays great attention to the sense of ritual. Therefore, as a child, Oli's sister-in-law lives in China, but she will also go through these festivals with her mother. Basically, she will eat and play, and she will not be able to receive gifts, so Oli and her younger brother must be happy!

On December 15, Li Anqi shared a recent photo of her sisters and said: "Ten days are Christmas." Festival! The brothers and sisters seem to have picked up in advance.

On another social platform, Angie also shared these photos, feeling every time she saw the Christmas tree, I will say to the children: Do you want to take a photo in the past? So the children will be happy and excited most of the time. But soon they grew up and refused to say that they should not go, so she should try to enjoy the way they were obedient in their childhood.

In the photo, Ollie is wearing a red and black plaid woolen coat and a hat. It is a fairy tale. The little Red Riding Hood that came out was both visual. My brother is standing in front of my sister. It is very well-behaved. My brother’s head is so big. It feels bigger than Ao Li’s sister, but the expression is really good. Max is holding a pair of big eyes and looking at the camera. It makes people want to laugh when they look at it. The younger brother’s face is like a safe fruit. Ollie is on the shoulders of her brother, and the picture is super love!

This time I met the Christmas tree again, and Ollie and her brother were very happy to promise to run over and take photos. Orly, wearing a little white dress, or that red plaid cloak, holding a small cherry mouth, is a little fairy is right! Ollie held the apple on the tree with one hand and touched her leg with one hand, which would be concave. The younger brother took pictures and continued the previous face. It is estimated that the mother let them put their hands on the tree, really obedient. Can give birth to such a pair of beautiful and sensible children, this life is enough!

Last year, Christmas, my brother is still a little bald, and still wearing brown sandals, one year, Max The change is not very big, except that it is fatter.

Along with such a mother who will live and cook, I can often be late for all kinds of food. It is normal for my son to be fat. Not to mention his younger brother, Li Xiaopeng has been going farther and farther on the road of blessing!

I hope to see this year’s sister The two brothers had a happy Christmas picture together. I don’t know what kind of gifts Ollie and my brother will receive. !