Du Fu responded to the "cutting knife" incident, clarifying the relationship with Yin Xiaotian.

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Du Fu responded to the "cutting knife" incident, clarifying the relationship with Yin Xiaotian.

2018-12-17 10:25:04 174 ℃

The netizens who are familiar with the gossip in the entertainment circle know that there is an unpleasant gossip between the Duan and the Du Fu. Regarding the cause and the passing of this matter, Xiaoyan will not repeat it here. Interested netizens can go to the class to review this lesson, or which netizen can make a duty representative under this article. .

From the beginning of the incident, the birth of the "knife" was born, and it has been six years since today! How many years can life be? Therefore, as you are not old, I am not fainted, as the controversial "teacher" at that time, Du Fu on the "Tucao Conference" to clarify the original story!

After Du Fu himself wonders? Why did it become the "teacher" of "cutting the knife"? Du Fu explained that the first necessary and basic condition for the so-called knife insertion is that it is a good brother with the other party. Only when a brother relationship is established can the substantive relationship between "cutting the knife" and "betrayal" be formed!

However, Du Fu said I only worked with Yin Xiaotian on TV dramas and did not become brothers! So things are very clear, Du Fu clarified, his relationship with India Xiaotian: just cooperation, not brothers! Obviously, this is a misunderstanding.

Since it is a misunderstanding, then Du Fu continued to clarify the next misunderstanding. At that time, many netizens said that after Du Fu’s knife-cutting incident, he robbed India’s high-end advertising advocacy, but Du Fu said that he had signed a contract with a certain brand. However, when it was officially announced at the time, it happened to catch up with the knife. . . This is simply a big embarrassment.

Finally, Du Fu ends The clarification of this time is only that when I was young and prosperous, I could only help myself if I couldn’t see it. And at first, I just think that in any case, I should not do it with girls!

Small is still very appreciated Du Fu’s attitude is really important when he has opinions. The attitude of misunderstanding and clarification is also very sincere. And his respect for women is also commendable. It is really like that sentence, no matter what the situation should not be with girls.

In addition, Du Fu is in After clarifying the incident of inserting a knife, he also tweeted a yellow sensation in the program. Because of the knife-breaking incident at the time, Huang Jue also participated in it, even arguing with netizens because of disagreement.

There is therefore Du Fu’s ridicule in the program. What do you think of Huang Jue? And Du Fu also used two words to ridicule the Huang Yi at the time, the real tiger! It is said that the way he argues with the netizens about the knife-cutting incident is very tiger! Hahaha, Du Fu really brightened the 2 words of Huang Jue.

Of course, Xiao Yan feels that Huang Jue’s attitude is definitely the same as that of Du Fu. They all feel that the cultivation necessary for men is to learn gentlemen and reason. Especially in the face of contradictions with women, we should always maintain a gentlemanly manner, and opinions can argue with each other, but the least should be done!

At this point, the knife-cutting event is completely clear. After a lapse of 6 years, Du Fu will explain the matter to the original, straighten out the whole incident, and not forgetting to ridicule and ridicule Huang Jue, it is also an account of it!