Fang Yuan first appeared in the face of pregnancy, in order to protect the fetus from dying hair, Guo Fucheng really picked up a good wife.

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Fang Yuan first appeared in the face of pregnancy, in order to protect the fetus from dying hair, Guo Fucheng really picked up a good wife.

2018-12-23 20:25:10 219 ℃

Since Guo Fucheng announced that his wife Fang Yuan was pregnant with a second child, Fang Yuan has never made a public appearance. Fans are very concerned about her status quo.

December 23, Tian Wangyu finally appeared in other people's Weibo. With a well-known Japanese hair stylist uploading a photo with Fang Yuan on Weibo, it is rare for fans to see Fang Yuan’s pregnancy.

Fang Yuan’s chin has sharp eyes and a thin lip gloss on his lips. It was a beautiful doll, and it was not photographed, so she was not pregnant at all.

The hair stylist issued a document saying that Fang Yuan can go to the New Year after finishing his hair. Inadvertently revealing that Fang Yuan seems to have a grand New Year celebration? Otherwise, it will not be pregnant, but also to do hair.

Fang Yuan also responded very ceremoniously to the hair stylist, and left a message to tell the hair stylist to dye a good hair color.

Everyone knows that it is not appropriate to dye hair during pregnancy. Because chemicals may cause harm to the fetus, it seems that Fang Yuan is a good mother who is 100% disciplined. She is very obedient to avoid pregnancy. She should be given a Great praise.

But it’s no wonder that she is so heart-warming, because the status of “Heavenly King” looks good, but it’s not good. Many times she still has to be a father. After all, Aaron Kwok is really too busy.

This month, Aaron Kwok revealed that when Fang Fang was happy again, Fang Yuan was not in the birth of his daughter. The hospital was accompanied, but in Kaiping; and because the mobile phone was gone, he didn’t even know that Fang Yuan was about to be born. Later, he received the news before he rushed back to Hong Kong to visit.

A reporter asked him if he was accompanied by a second child. His answer is that he is still arranging time and will try to arrange it.

There was also a reporter asking him about his baby's gender. He still didn't know whether he was a man or a woman. It was clear that the DNA was not tested.

The female reporters present were amazed by the rebuttal. This is basically the production inspection photo B can know!

The performance of Guo Tianwang is no different from that of a novice dad. Could he be too busy to accompany Fang Yuan’s checkup? It is no wonder that after his daughter was born, he immediately called his father-in-law to come to Hong Kong to take care of him. Even if he was heavily invested in renting a mansion for two old people, he would not hesitate.

According to Guo Fucheng, he will be busy with his world tour concert in the first half of next year. The schedule may be easier to accommodate. He is already mentally prepared. Please rest assured.