Yang Mi and Liu Weiwei will raise their daughters together after divorce, but these details prove that Liu Weiwei will be raised

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Yang Mi and Liu Weiwei will raise their daughters together after divorce, but these details prove that Liu Weiwei will be raised

2018-12-23 20:25:10 1000 ℃

At 7:40 pm on December 22, 2018, Yang Mi Company Jiaxing Media announced that Wei Mi and Liu Weiwei signed an agreement to divorce this year, which is a peaceful breakup. The two will jointly raise their daughter Xiaomi.

Generally, after divorce, the child will be awarded to the parent as a guardian, such as Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong after divorce, The son was awarded Wang Baoqiang and the daughter was awarded to Ma Rong.

The statement of Jiaxing Media is to prevent contradictions, so it is deliberately said that the two sides will raise them together. However, as can be seen from the following details, Liu Weiwei should take the custody of Xiaomi, which is "main support."

Small glutinous rice has lived in Hong Kong since birth. If she let Xiaomi to live in Beijing, she will not get used to it. Xiaomi began to attend the kindergarten class when she was half a year old, and was picked up by her grandparents every day.

After growing a little glutinous rice, Liu Weiwei’s father and mother not only pick her up to school every day, but also accompany her on weekends. class. Under the care of grandparents, Xiaomi is very talented.

Liu Weiwei is often photographed by a reporter to pick up her daughter from school, always putting her daughter in the first place, preferring to take less filming. Also accompany your daughter. Yang Mi is not the same. After giving birth to a child, he still has not stopped working hard.

There are netizens who ridiculed: Yang Mi and Zhang Da’s time are more than the time spent with Xiaomi. Generally, only when Xiaomi had a birthday, Yang Mi returned to Hong Kong.

The non-famous entertainment evaluator Wu Qinggong pointed out: Liu Weiwei once said in an interview that Xiaomi is closer to him, Father's Day At that time, Xiaomi will prepare gifts for him, which makes him feel warm.

In "The Cross-Border King", Liu Weiwei also specially sang Eason Chan's "baby song" to his daughter, and Confessions: "You are with me to re-recognize the world, thank you!"

So, from these details can It can be seen that Xiaomi will not leave Hong Kong in a short period of time. Xiaomi is more accustomed to the care of Liu Weiwei's father and mother, and Hong Kong's education is relatively better.

This is a good thing for Yang Mi and Liu Weiwei: Yang Mi can continue to be a strong woman, and Liu Weiwei continues to be a good father.