Feng Shaofeng publicized the new drama, saw Zhao Liying poster, busy taking a photo, and making a funny match

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Feng Shaofeng publicized the new drama, saw Zhao Liying poster, busy taking a photo, and making a funny match

2018-12-23 20:25:19 1296 ℃

Feng Shaofeng, who once again cooperated with Zhao Liying, this time the identity is different. The two people are no longer just cooperative relations, or husband-wife relationship. Feng Shaofeng has already cooperated with Zhao Liying in six plays, and "I know whether or not." It should be the most popular concern of Green Man, Red and Thin. One is because of the relationship with Zhao Liying, and the other is because the show was produced by the midday sun.

Recommend the noon sunshine, I believe that everyone is no stranger, and produced a lot of explosive TV dramas, such as "琅琊榜", "Pretenders" and "Dajiang Dahe", these TV series have a lot of word-of-mouth and ratings, and the audience's expectations are very high, just waiting for Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng to sip sugar!

In order to promote the show, Feng Shaofeng, who rarely appeared, appeared in the event, in the background, he took the phone I recorded the video and said the slogan while recording. Just when he was recording, he saw the poster of his wife Zhao Liying. The poster is of course Zhao Liying’s character in "I know whether it should be green, fat and thin". Image.

After seeing his wife’s poster, Feng Shaofeng was very excited and said: "Hey! Teacher Zhao! Here! "Make a photo with Mr. Zhao!", while staring at Zhao Liying's poster, then busy taking a photo with Zhao Liying's poster. The 40-year-old Feng Shaofeng is very funny to the lens, and the drama has not started. Sprinkle the dog food, wait for the drama to start broadcasting, do you want to sweeten everyone?

It seems that in the heart of Feng Shaofeng, Zhao Liying has always been a teacher-level existence, because he has always called Zhao Liying as teacher Zhao. It’s rare to say that it’s too late to marry. It’s estimated that it’s a private nickname that you don’t want to expose. After all, work is work, life is life, work and life are separate, and teacher Zhao is also good. They are very respectful and not lacking. Love.

Feng Shaofeng, 40, is not exactly the same as Zhao Liying, but it is quite suitable from some small details. For example, two people are very low-key, even if two people are very hot, but still do not take advantage of this heat to consume themselves, the two are combined to cover up, for fear of being recognized.

In addition to low-key, the pursuit of their careers is similar, and they can do both traffic stars and I got the strength, so in general, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng are very good, I hope everyone can bless them!