Zhu Liqian was so excited that she cheered and cheered for Andy Lau. Liu Xiangyu also helped with the ribbon.

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Zhu Liqian was so excited that she cheered and cheered for Andy Lau. Liu Xiangyu also helped with the ribbon.

2018-12-24 10:25:03 2839 ℃

Andy Lau, who stood on the stage of the Red Pavilion again after 8 years, the personal concert held at the Red Hall recently, the 57-year-old Andy Lau of this year, the popularity is not reduced at the same time. During the pre-heating ticket sales, the concert is very hot. Liu Jialing, a good friend, also publicly yelled at Andy Lau, and he had to be a guest to exchange tickets. The artists such as Wang Mingqi and Miao Qiaowei and Xue Jiayan were present to support them.

On the evening of December 22nd, the lively Andy Lau concert has already opened to the seventh game, singing first Later, I personally came to the scene to support Liu Dehua's Zhu Liqian and Liu Xiangyu. On the evening of the 22nd, she was captured to the concert. It is reported that Liu Xiangyu, who is 6 years old, recently placed her Christmas holiday, so Zhu Liqian plans to watch 20 games with her daughter Liu Xiangwei. Come on for her husband Andy Lau.

When the first night was sung, there were Andy Lau’s parents beside them, and there were reporters on the field. Therefore, Zhu Liqian Liu Xiangyu's two mothers and daughters seemed very cautious, and there was no big work. On the evening of the 22nd, the two mothers and daughters completely let go of themselves and enjoyed the atmosphere in the concert.

The two mothers and daughters are still sitting in the guest seat of the previous few days, and Hong Kong singer Chen Huilin is also with the two. Liu Xiangwei, who is usually very cheerful and cheerful, has no fear of age gap. He has become a good friend with Chen Huilin at once. The two people are very happy.

Normal temperament Zhu Liqian, I was so excited that night, and I waved the ribbons and lanterns in my hand. The whole process has been applauding for her husband Andy Lau. After the concert climax, Zhu Liqian even got excited to shoot the palm of her hand and completely devoted herself to Andy Lau’s music. In the atmosphere of the dance ignited, I did not expect her to have such a side.

Compared with mom Zhu Liqian, Liu Xiangyu on the side is not inferior. In exchange for other children, even if he sat for so many hours, he would be tempered. Liu Xiangxi was very well-behaved. He heard Dad sing the classic repertoire "When the days passed together", he also went all the way. Follow the adults to help wave the ribbons, and happy to jump and dance with Dad, I wonder if it was really touched by this love song? It looks quite cute.

51 years old Liu Dehua, who loves her daughter, is even more painful to her 6-year-old daughter, Liu Xianghua. In this concert, Andy Lau also specially arranged the paintings of her daughter’s hand-painted paintings to make a concert background. I don’t know that Liu Xiangyu saw his painting of the family portrait. Is it exciting and happy?