Tang Hede’s old photo of Zhang Guorong celebrates Christmas, and the two heads are closely tied together.

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Tang Hede’s old photo of Zhang Guorong celebrates Christmas, and the two heads are closely tied together.

2018-12-24 10:25:08 406 ℃

On the evening of December 23, Tang Sheng Tang Hede exposed an old photo of Leslie Cheung on the social platform to celebrate the upcoming Christmas. In the photo, my brother Leslie Cheung and Tang Hede sat together in front of a Christmas tree. The two men squinted their heads and clung together. The picture is warm and touching. There is a time to stop the long-lasting.

On April 1, 2003, Leslie Cheung chose to leap away from this confusing world. At that time, Xiao Bian was in high school. When he was taking a lunch break at noon, he went to his classmates' house to eat rice. The news of Leslie Cheung’s death on TV could not believe his eyes. He thought it was just a fool's day joke. The sigh is that it turns out that this is not a joke, and the superstar who influenced a generation is saying goodbye.

Slightly larger, I began to hear the story of Leslie Cheung and Tang Sheng, knowing that Tang Hede often accompanied Zhang Guorong to play mahjong . It was also the second time that Zhang Guorong and Tang Hede’s famous hand held the photo. The hand of the child, and the old man said is them. Tang Hede also made this photo in his 2015 brother's jealousy day.

A little bigger, experienced more sadness and suffering, and understood that depression has harmed modern urbanites. How old, others don't understand why you are not happy, but you are really unhappy. At that time, my brother could not get out of this nightmare and seek relief.

It has been 15 years since Zhang Guorong passed away. Today, Tang Hede is also a 60-year-old man, but his recent photos and the mood of the year have not changed. He likes sports, knows how to maintain health, and a healthy and regular life makes his appearance look good.

But whenever Mr. Tang takes photos of his brother, he can still feel his loneliness and loneliness. Last Christmas, he took a photo of a Christmas tree and said it was arranged by his brother.

Not long before Mr. Jin Yong died, Tang Hede gave a signature to Jin Yong, this is the brother to go Come.

This Christmas, Mr. Tang took a group photo with his brother, and the fans couldn’t help but feel that "every day, sometimes, This love is endless!" And wish Mr. Tang good health.

After 15 years of love that has never faded, who can we find now? I wish Mr. Tang, and silently remember his brother. May you be safe at any end of the world!