In order to promote new people, let Hu Ge "married" with the actress born in 1995?

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In order to promote new people, let Hu Ge "married" with the actress born in 1995?

2018-12-24 10:25:08 3381 ℃

Hu Ge is out of the single C position? Netizens finally need no more marriages?

A few days ago, a netizen who claimed to be a wedding company broke the news. Hu Ge went to their company to handle the wedding. He also said that they even got a marriage certificate. They asked that they could not say it, and completely blocked the news. Guan Xuan, as for the bride who broke the news did not say.

In fact, the news that Hu Ge was married has been passed many times. On December 22, some netizens came out and broke the news. The song is ready to announce the news of the marriage, so that the netizens are very happy, thinking that the gold bachelor has finally taken off.

In the previous "marriage" rumors, the heroine was mostly Hu Ge’s ex-girlfriend Xue Jianing, saying that they were married. In the end, it will be denied by the staff.

This rumored heroine has finally changed. It is a newcomer Zhang Leyun born in 1995. Everyone is very strange to this name. She has only appeared in a drama so far. How do you know Hu Ge?

It’s actually very simple, because She is a newcomer to the Tang Dynasty film and television contract. It is said that the near-water tower has the first month, and it is no wonder that Hu Ge can quickly "connect".

When netizens celebrated Hu Ge’s final dismissal, some media have been verified by Hu Ge’s staff, who strongly denied "Fake, fake is outrageous."

This denies one, leaving the netizen disappointing. Some savvy netizens guessed that the Tang people are using Hu Ge’s rumor to bring a new person to the top?

Users guessed this:

Zhang Leyun signed a three-year contract, no drama and no heat, the fastest way to promote new people is hype, but For the Tang dynasty, and often the netizens rushed to marry, Hu Ge is the best hype candidate, first causing controversy, creating a topic, and finally dispatching the staff to deny, so that the newcomer has a certain degree of heat.

The company promotes its own artists, and the hype is the fastest and hottest.

Before Jin Chen was still under the Tang Dynasty, some media photographed her relationship with Deng Lun. At that time, she claimed to be a sneak shot, but some people suspected that this was a deliberate announcement of romance.

Unfortunately, the two people were not well-known at the time, and few people were concerned about the relationship. Until this year, Deng Lun became popular, and the netizen re-examined his old photos with Jin Chen.

Although the analysis of netizens seems reasonable, it is necessary for the Tang people to destroy the unknown newcomers. What is the reputation of Huge Tree? This is worth thinking about!

In addition, although Zhang Leyun has some enthusiasm now, she will hang the title of Hu Ge’s rumored girlfriend in the future, and she will not be very helpful to her career. Instead, she will be tagged and provoked. Netizens resent.